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When Mythical Beasts Turn Out To Be Real! 2014 Oct 31

Halloween – it’s that time of year again, when kids dress to impress the supernatural and parents unleash their inner sculpting skills on innocent pumpkins. Last year, we wrote about various scientific explanations for ghostly phenomena. This year, we thought we’d take a look at the world of cryptozoology ... more

Murders, Cadavers and the need for Anatomical Models 2014 Oct 28

Human beings are a curious lot and throughout history there have been some extraordinary ways that we have sought to inform future generations of our discoveries. But in order to get an accurate idea of how the body works, you have to have access to detailed teaching models. Here at 3B Scientific we ... more

Straighten Up, Move & Quit Smoking! 2014 Oct 23

World Spine Day is dedicated to shining a spotlight on the backbone of our health. Our spine is quite literally a central core to our well being. If you’ve ever had any back pain, you’ll know how immobilising and painful it can be. Our sedentary life-style does very little to help our posture and improve ... more
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