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Should We Be Trying To Not Teach Physics? 2014 Sep 29

As news reports state that STEM jobs are expected to grow by more than 21% over the next 5 years, it’s important that we increase the number of children studying Physics in our schools. How we teach those children in classroom science is, therefore, of paramount importance. In order for children to ... more

Kinesiology Tape Training Boosts Skills for Physical Therapists 2014 Sep 25

One technique that’s bound to be much in evidence in therapy clinics this Fall and Winter is the use of kinesiology tape. Many Physical Therapists are adding to their skills portfolio by embarking on Kinsiology Taping Training. As the weather begins to change physical therapy clinics will, no doubt ... more

Are we fighting a losing battle against disease? 2014 Sep 22

In the West, we are often far too complacent about disease. Although many of us are aware of the programs to reduce deaths from Malaria in Africa (about 2 million every year), it’s largely a disease that we’re unlikely to catch here in the United States or Western Europe, so we generally don't feel ... more
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