3B MEDart Miniature Models

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MEDart™ Head with neck,MAC07

MEDart™ Head with neck

$ 156.00
Item: MAC07 [1000363]
The left half of this attractive head model in an illustrative median section shows the muscles with nerves, vessels and bony structures in highest precision. For improved comprehension, one half of the brain can be completely removed. The ... more

MEDart™ Brain, Copper,MAC18K

MEDart™ Brain, Copper

$ 324.00
Item: MAC18K [1000364]
Cast from an original, this natural size brain has been refined in a copper tone using an elaborate wiping technique. more

MEDart™ Ear,MAE10

MEDart™ Ear

$ 133.00
Item: MAE10 [1000365]
This is another MEDart™ model that depicts the structures both in an anatomically correct and highly aesthetical way – in this case the outer, middle and inner ear. The tympanic membrane with malleus and incus and the labyrinth ... more

MEDart™ Block Model of the Skin,MAJ13

MEDart™ Block Model of the Skin

$ 148.00
Item: MAJ13 [1000368]
This unique model shows the layers of the skin and its structures in a particularly impressive way. In addition to the differentiated depiction of the individual layers, the hairs, hair roots, sebaceous and sweat glands and the receptors, nerves ... more

MEDart™ Pregnancy Pelvis,MAL20

MEDart™ Pregnancy Pelvis

$ 205.00
Item: MAL20 [1000370]
This equally sophisticated and fine median section allows a view into the physiological world of a female pelvis in the 40th week of pregnancy. The removable fetus illustrates the position of the child in the womb shortly before the birth. more

MEDart™ Foot Series – Normal, Flat and Hollow Feet,MAM33

MEDart™ Foot Series – Normal, Flat and Hollow Feet

$ 113.00
Item: MAM33 [1000371]
These miniatures both show the superficial structures and, at the interior side, the bones, muscles and tendons in their correct anatomical position. more

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Youth Heart, Gift Version, 2 part,VD260

Youth Heart, Gift Version, 2 part

$ 75.00 $ 50.00
Item: VD260 [1001246]
This heart models depicts the anatomy of the heart of a young adult with ventricles, atriums, valves, veins and the aorta. The front heart wall can be removed to reveal the chambers and valves inside. Heart comes with a multilingual product ... more

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