3B Student Anatomy Software

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3B ANATOMYtrainer™,S0001-2.0

3B ANATOMYtrainer

$ 65.00
Item: S0001-2.0 [1002487]
NEW, Version 2.0  The Clever Way to your Examinations! If you are looking to become a doctor, dentist, physiotherapist etc. then the 3B ANATOMYtrainer™ is the right tool to help you achieve your ambitious learning goal. Almost ... more

3B MUSCLEtrainer™,S0002-1.0

3B MUSCLEtrainer™

$ 65.00
Item: S0002-1.0 [1002489]
Master the muscles in the blink of an eye with this software! Excellent for medical, physiotherapy and sport science students, sport and fitness trainers, health-care professionals, etc. anyone interested in learning the human muscular system ... more

3B NEUROtrainer™,S0003-1.0

3B NEUROtrainer™

$ 65.00
Item: S0003-1.0 [1002491]
Software providing quick help for clever students Do you want to study the structures of the human brain without losing your nerves? Then the 3B NEUROtrainer™ is the right software program for you. Over 800 anatomical terms and 110 accurate ... more

3B NEUROtables™ in German,S0090

3B NEUROtables™ in German

$ 60.00
Item: S0090 [1002492]
On 21 pages with over 60 detailed illustrations the 3B NEUROtables™ reveal the human brain in various views and sectional layers. The anatomical structures of the individual illustrations are numbered and named on each page. The 3B NEUROtables ... more

Interactive Functional Anatomy - Student Edition,W46647

Interactive Functional Anatomy - Student Edition

$ 125.00
Item: W46647
Primal Pictures - Student Edition Interactive Functional Anatomy - 2nd Edition This dynamic resource of 3D anatomy comes with an extensive series of over 70 3D muscle function animations and gives a new perspective on functional anatomy ... more