ALS Child Manikins

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Advanced Infant Intubation Head with Board,W19519

Advanced Infant Intubation Head with Board

$ 950.00
Item: W19519 [1017236]
This station trainer incorporates new skin technology. The advantages of durability and lifelike appearance, in association with the convenience of a lightweight stand, put this device at the head of the class for pediatric airway training ... more

Resusci Baby First Aid Full Body Suitcase,W19620

Resusci Baby First Aid Full Body Suitcase

$ 460.00
Item: W19620 [1017690]
The new Resusci Baby First Aid offers realistic training in carrying out CPR on small children. It features a new, robust compression and respiration system that is also found in the Resusci Baby with QCPR. Functions:
  • realistic anatomy
... more

Resusci Baby QCPR Full Body with Suitcase,W19621

Resusci Baby QCPR Full Body with Suitcase

$ 880.00
Item: W19621 [1017684]
The Resusci® Baby QCPR® is a training model for carrying out CPR on small children. A number of feedback options have been added that offer the possibility of concentrating fully on the performance of the trainees. Measurement, evaluation and ... more

Child ACLS Manikin with Interactive Arrhythmia Simulator,W44091

Child ACLS Manikin with Interactive Arrhythmia Simulator

$ 4,295.00
Item: W44091 [1005624]
This full body manikin of a 5-year old child offers a wide range of ACLS training: CPR • Palpable and visual landmarks • Fully articulated head, neck and jaw Airway Management • Realistic anatomy of the mouth ... more

REN Cleaner for Manikins,W44200

REN Cleaner for Manikins

$ 20.00
Item: W44200
Use to remove stubborn stains from Life/form® replicas. Simply spray area and wipe clean with a soft cloth or paper towel. 12-oz. bottle. more

Child Intubation Head,W44594

Child Intubation Head

$ 640.00
Item: W44594 [1014201]
This trainer of a 3 year old child allows practice and training of nasal and oral intubation. Features include: • Inflatable lungs and stomach • Vocal cords are highlighted in white for easy laryngoscope viewing • Anatomical landmarks such ... more

Deluxe Cricothyrotomy Simulator,W44775

Deluxe Cricothyrotomy Simulator

$ 275.00
Item: W44775
Designed for needle or surgical cricothyrotomy. Landmarks include thyroid cartilage, cricoid cartilage, and cricoid membrane. Inflation of simulated lung verifies correct placement. Adult and 3-year-old tracheas and soft carry bag included ... more

Mike and Michelle CPR and Trauma Care Simulator (5 years),W45036

Mike and Michelle CPR and Trauma Care Simulator (5 years)

$ 995.00
Item: W45036 [1017539]
This anatomically accurate representation of a school age child is a perfect training tool for basic life support such as CPR and trauma care: • head and jaw are fully articulated and block airflow when tilted forward (just like a ... more

Child Interactive PALS Manikin with Laptop,W45143

Child Interactive PALS Manikin with Laptop

$ 7,550.00
Item: W45143 [1005821]
Sensor equipped manikin of a 5 year old child with intubatable airway, i.v. injection arm and iv./i.o. injection leg. 15 heart rates and 9 breath sounds can be checked. Virtual instruments allow the trainee to monitor and treat the manikin ... more

Baby Umbi,W47074

Baby Umbi

$ 565.00
Item: W47074
Baby Umbi is a female newborn infant reproduction designed for the practice of umbilical catheterization. The simualtor has a retractable umbilical cord for actual catheterization. Also included are two arteries and veins molded into umbilical ... more

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