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Basic Portable Massage Table,W60601B

Basic Portable Massage Table

From $ 195.00
Item: W60601B
The 3B Basic Portable Massage Table is an economical portable massage table crafted in sturdy natural wood. Our most popular table is available in 3 beautiful colors. includes adjustable face cradle base and pad, side arm extenders, hanging ... more

3B Deluxe Portable Massage Table,W60602B

3B Deluxe Portable Massage Table

From $ 245.00
Item: W60602B [1013727]
The 3B Deluxe Portable Massage Table is a high quality massage table crafted in sturdy natural wood (high quality Birch). This table comes with 3" high density small foam and is covered in a comfortable PU vinyl. Includes adjustable face ... more

Massage Pro Saddle Stool, Black,W59956SS

Massage Pro Saddle Stool, Black

$ 74.99
Item: W59956SS
The Massage Pro Saddle Stool allows you to get close and under your client. The saddle design reduces leg and body pressure. Stool made of foam and rubber, features a gas lift and stainless steel base frame. Adjusts: 17 inch to 22 inches more

Arm Support,W60605B

Arm Support

From $ 7.00
Item: W60605B [1006045]
Attaches to your face rest base to allow arms to rest comfortably in front of the face when prone. Available in Dark Blue and Red. more

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3B Pro Massage Chair,W60606B

3B Pro Massage Chair

From $ 199.00
Item: W60606B [1006046]
This 3B Pro Massage Chair has a great ergonomic design. This massage chair is perfect for maintaining the proper body alignment. Fit for all types of physical treatment and all types of patient morphology. Extremely comfortable and portable ... more

3B Aluminum Portable Massage Table,W60610MBK

3B Aluminum Portable Massage Table

From $ 300.00
Item: W60610MBK
The 3B Aluminum Portable Massage Table is designed with the mobile therapist in mind. This table is light in weight but strong in support. Rugged enough for your daily schedule. Available in Black or Blue. Features:
  • 28" x 73"
... more

3B Basic Stationary Table,W60636

3B Basic Stationary Table

From $ 495.00
Item: W60636
The 3B Stationary Table is a stationary flat top table with manually adjustable height range. ***Some Assembly Required *** 3B Stationary Table Includes:
  • Adjustable Face Rest & Cushion
  • 2.25” thick foam
  • Open Storage
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3B Deluxe Stationary Table, Lift Back,W60637

3B Deluxe Stationary Table, Lift Back

From $ 535.00
Item: W60637
The 3B Deluxe Stationary Table goes from a flat top to a lift back with a multiple-position hinge elevating back section. ***Some Assembly Required *** 3B Deluxe Table Includes:
  • Adjustable Face Rest & Cushion
  • 2.25”
... more

Oakworks Portal Pro ® Package,W60711

Oakworks Portal Pro ® Package

From $ 465.00
Item: W60711
The Oakworks Portal Pro® features TerraTouch™ Upholstery fabric that is earth-friendly and soft to the touch. With a light weight of just 19 lbs., built-in wheels, the Oakworks patented QuickLock™ Face Rest and a carry case ... more

Oakworks Desktop Portal,W60712

Oakworks Desktop Portal

From $ 200.00
Item: W60712
Smaller piece of equipment, bigger opportunities! Expand your practice to include everyone, even clients who are bed-ridden, desk-bound or just really busy. Corporate offices, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels... all within your reach. Thanks ... more

Prone Pillow, Black,W60718

Prone Pillow, Black

$ 75.00
Item: W60718
The Oakworks Prone Pillow offers superior comfort while positioning patients properly. Can be used on the side of a table or desk top.   Specifications:
  • Platform: 19” x 19”
  • Support Pad: 3” x 6” x 19”
  • Crescent Face
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