Additional Accessories for Computer-aided Experimentation

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Set of 3 Conductivity Standards,U11334

Set of 3 Conductivity Standards

$ 259.00
Item: U11334 [1000552]
Set of 3 conductivity standards with conductivities 147, 1413 and 12880 µS/cm, each with a volume of 0.5l. more

Buffer Solution,U11351

Buffer Solution

$ 80.00
Item: U11351 [1002753]
Set of buffer solutions in three fl asks with pH values of 4.00, 7.00 and 9.00. Volume: 250 ml each more

Quinhydrone Buffer Solution,U11352

Quinhydrone Buffer Solution

$ 47.00
Item: U11352 [1002754]
Ready-to-use buffer solution with a pH of 7.00 for use with redox sensor. Volume: 250 ml per container more

Picket Fence,U11366

Picket Fence

$ 14.00
Item: U11366 [1000564]
Aluminium strip with 21 openings for determining gravitational acceleration g from time intervals recorded for a light beam passing through the individual openings of the strip as it falls freely past the beam. Anodised sheet aluminium with ... more