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3B Scientific® Patient Care Manikin, I,P10

3B Scientific® Patient Care Manikin, I

$ 3,069.00
Item: P10 [1000502]
Our best selling patient care simulator allows practice of most training applications from basic to advanced nursing, clinical and emergency training. Made of durable, unbreakable, water-resistant plastics, it is also flexible, allowing natural ... more

Nursing Kelly, SimPad capable,W19569

Nursing Kelly, SimPad capable

$ 4,900.00
Item: W19569 [1005243]
Our Nursing Kelly manikin was especially designed for patient care training scenarios and includes a large range of clinical diagnoses. This full body adult male manikin is excellently suited to train beginner hospital healthcare professionals ... more

Home Care In-Service Trainer,W19586

Home Care In-Service Trainer

$ 775.00
Item: W19586
Life-size pelvis with interchangeable genital designed for practicing urologic and rectal access gastrointestinal care procedures.  Wound care modules add realism in community health scenarios.
  • Realistic articulation enables proper positioning
... more

Decubitus Treatment Simulator,W43026

Decubitus Treatment Simulator

$ 211.00
Item: W43026 [1005569]
This model of a human buttock shows first-, second-, and third-degree decubitus and allows practicing of washing and dressing procedures. more

Ostomy Care Model,W43027

Ostomy Care Model

$ 322.00
Item: W43027 [1005570]
Made of lifelike BIOLIKE 2TM, this life-size model contains four stomas that can be lubricated and dilated with an inserted finger. The model may be washed, taped, bandaged, and fitted with ostomy bags. Comes with lubricant, draping sheet, ... more

Bandaging Simulator with Ostomy,W44008

Bandaging Simulator with Ostomy

$ 800.00
Item: W44008 [1005590]
This simulator consists of a female torso with flexible, lifelike skin which realistically responds to adhesives and all types of bandaging procedures. 14 different wounds allow one to practice wound management techniques, cleaning and bandaging ... more

Geri Nursing Skills Elderly-Care Manikin,W44021

Geri Nursing Skills Elderly-Care Manikin

$ 1,800.00
Item: W44021 [1005597]
This nursing manikin features am elderly appearance and is convertible between male and female. Besides basic nursing skills this manikin also allows the practice of male and female catheterisation. Skin wrinkles, reddened skin fold, a dilated ... more

KERi™ Complete Nursing Skills Manikin,W44075

KERi™ Complete Nursing Skills Manikin

$ 1,750.00
Item: W44075
The KERi™ Nursing Skills Manikin uses Life/form® molding and modeling techniques to provide an unusually realistic appearance without being age-specific. Life/ form® simulations have been included in KERi™ to allow the practice ... more

Lower Stump Bandaging Simulator,W44227

Lower Stump Bandaging Simulator

$ 240.00
Item: W44227 [1005681]
Most standard bandaging procedures can be practiced or demonstrated. The lower torso is long enough to allow carrying the bandage around the body over the uninvolved hip at the level of the iliac crest. (Note: There is no embedded, palpable ... more

Set of 2 Stump Bandaging Simulators,W44228

Set of 2 Stump Bandaging Simulators

$ 450.00
Item: W44228 [1005682]
Includes: lower torso, upper torso, instruction booklet. Individually boxed. more

Upper Stump Bandaging Simulator,W44623

Upper Stump Bandaging Simulator

$ 255.00
Item: W44623
The upper torso has two arms - one amputated above the elbow, the other above the wrist. Both arms are slightly extended to facilitate bandaging. The compressibility of the material closely duplicates actual experience with a patient. Instruction ... more

Lower Stump Bandaging Simulator,W44624

Lower Stump Bandaging Simulator

$ 255.00
Item: W44624
The lower torso is representative of a patient in a supine position with legs slightly abducted. One leg is amputated below the knee, the other a midthigh. The torso is long enough to allow bandaging around the body over the uninvolved hip ... more

Life/form® First Aid Arm,W44733

Life/form® First Aid Arm

$ 645.00
Item: W44733 [1013748]
The Life/form® First Aid Arm provides extremely realistic appearance and function to make your training excercise true-to-life. Looks and feels like a real arm. Synthetic blood can be made to flow from either the cut on the forearm or ... more

Life/form® Imaging Fracture Simulator,W44753

Life/form® Imaging Fracture Simulator

$ 205.00
Item: W44753
An exciting training device designed to aid both radiology educators, as well as radiology students. Educators will be able to enhance hands-on training of identifying radiographic pathology with a tool that will encourage students to utilize ... more


Life/form®' Elderly Pressure Ulcer Foot

$ 109.00
Item: W44757 [1013058]
Chronic foot ulcers affect elderly the most, we have designed the Life/form® Elderly Pressure Ulcer Foot for instruction on care and cleaning of pressure ulcers in various stages. Pressure ulcers are more likely to appear over pressure points ... more

Susie Simon Patient Care Manikin with Ostomy,W45011

Susie Simon Patient Care Manikin with Ostomy

$ 895.00
Item: W45011 [1005785]
Full-size adult manikin with movable joints as well as soft fingers and toes for training of important basic nursing skills such as:
  • Stylish wig for hair car exercises and surgical draping
  • Movable jaw with tongue
  • Removable
... more

Mike & Michelle® Infant Patient Care Manikin,W45062

Mike & Michelle® Infant Patient Care Manikin

$ 445.00
Item: W45062 [1005804]
This manikin simulates a one-year old infant with rotatable arms and legs (jointed elbows and knees) and articulating head. It allows training of basic and advanced pediatric patient care procedures such as: • Bathing and bandaging ... more

"Stan" Stage IV Pressure Ulcer Model™,W46515

"Stan" Stage IV Pressure Ulcer Model™

$ 365.00
Item: W46515
Designed for teaching and training with vacuum assisted closure and negative pressure wound therapy devices, this model features a large sacral Stage IV pressure ulcer* (NPUAP 2007 Pressure Ulcer Staging Guidelines), with eschar, subcutaneous ... more

"Pat" Pressure Ulcer Staging Model™,W46517

"Pat" Pressure Ulcer Staging Model™

$ 424.00
Item: W46517
A unique, compact, comprehensive and realistic model displaying the following pressure ulcers* (NPUAP 2007 - National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel): an unstageable eschar/slough wound, Stage I (in both darkly and lightly pigmented skin), Stage ... more

Wilma Wound Foot™,w46516

Wilma Wound Foot™

$ 515.00
Item: w46516
The newest and most comprehensive model of its kind, molded from an 80-year old patient for a true-to-life experience when assessing the various wounds. Twenty different conditions are presented on Wilma Wound Foot™ so you can see and ... more

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