Blood Pressure Trainers

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Blood Pressure Training Arm,W19520

Blood Pressure Training Arm

$ 1,202.00
Item: W19520
This blood pressure training arm is complete with a palpable antecubital pulse. Features of this blood pressure arm include: • Blood Pressure Trainer with LCD guided operation • Systolic, diastolic, heart rate and auscultatory ... more

Nursing Anne - SimPad Capable,W19530

Nursing Anne - SimPad Capable

$ 5,000.00
Item: W19530 [1005212]
Nursing Anne is a manikin designed for scenario-based training in the care and management of a wide variety of in-hospital patients. Nursing Anne is an efficient, effective, flexible manikin for clinical training in women's health, obstetrics ... more

Nursing Kelly, SimPad capable,W19569

Nursing Kelly, SimPad capable

$ 4,900.00
Item: W19569 [1005243]
Our Nursing Kelly manikin was especially designed for patient care training scenarios and includes a large range of clinical diagnoses. This full body adult male manikin is excellently suited to train beginner hospital healthcare professionals ... more

Blood Pressure Arm with External Speaker System,W44089

Blood Pressure Arm with External Speaker System

$ 1,160.00
Item: W44089
Often when working with a live subject, pressures are difficult to auscultate, making accurate evaluation of student proficiency almost impossible. This arm features an embedded speaker plus an electronic control unit. It allows the instructor ... more

Blood Pressure Simulator Arm with PDA,W44675

Blood Pressure Simulator Arm with PDA

$ 950.00
Item: W44675 [1005775]
PDA technology brings you the latest training device for teaching blood pressure skills. Our battery operated blood pressure trainer can also be plugged into any 110V but no 220V AC and comes with the adapter and jack. The PDA is also included ... more

Blood Pressure Training Arm,W45158

Blood Pressure Training Arm

$ 765.00
Item: W45158 [1005828]
This blood pressure training arm is for use with W45001 and W45011 This left arm connects to adult Patient Care Manikins (if mentioned as an option). Systolic and diastolic pressures, auscultation gap and pulse rate are adjustable. The ... more

Blood Pressure Kit,W48709

Blood Pressure Kit

$ 97.00 $ 72.00
Item: W48709

Proscope™ Dual Head Teaching Scope,W51523

Proscope™ Dual Head Teaching Scope

$ 18.00
Item: W51523 [1017477]
A training aid that allows student and instructor to listen simultaneously. The Proscope teaching scopes features: • Two sets of flexible chrome-plated brass binaurals • Two spare pairs of eartips included • Weighs ... more

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