Caffeine Molecular Jewelry - Earrings

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Found in a dizzying array of our favorite beverages, caffeine causes decreased activity of our relaxing neurotransmitter (adenosine) and surge of norepinephrine, keeping us awake and alert.

Give a gift that combines art with science!  Sophisticated yet geeky! Each piece of jewelry includes an informational card describing the science that inspired the piece.

Earrings are sterling silver, approximately 3/4" long and attached to French wires.  Made in the USA and packaged in an attractive recycled gift box complete with a ribbon. You can't go wrong with the geek gift of molecular jewelry!
Under the Microscope Jewelry - Caffeine Earrings,W99596C

Under the Microscope Jewelry - Caffeine Earrings

$ 39.00
Item: W99596C
The Under the Microscope Collection combines art and science in one stunning piece. Sophisticated and geeky! Hand-crafted in sterling silver and showcasing an actual microscopic photograph of the scientific substance, these pieces are sure ... more

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