Cannulation Trainers

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Pressurised Cannulation Pad,W19348

Pressurised Cannulation Pad

$ 550.00
Item: W19348 [1005167]
The Pressurised Cannulation Pad has been introduced to provide an portable intravenous trainer and act as an alternative to using the traditional arm. These trainers are realistic and achieve relatively low running costs. · There ... more

Chest Drain Simulator,W19356

Chest Drain Simulator

$ 2,991.00
Item: W19356 [1005175]
FOR ADVANCED TRAUMA LIFESUPPORT COURSES This innovative design not only simulates realistic body tissue but provides an alternative to the use of animals. The design is unique in having a replaceable chest wall with ribs that are encased ... more

Nursing Anne - SimPad Capable,W19530

Nursing Anne - SimPad Capable

$ 5,200.00
Item: W19530 [1005212]
Nursing Anne is a manikin designed for scenario-based training in the care and management of a wide variety of in-hospital patients. Nursing Anne is an efficient, effective, flexible manikin for clinical training in women's health, obstetrics ... more

Nursing Kid, SimPad capable,W19570

Nursing Kid, SimPad capable

$ 2,730.00
Item: W19570 [1005244]
The clinical skills training manikin for in-hospital pediatric professionals Nursing Kid is a training manikin realistically representing a six-year old child. He is designed for skill and scenario based training of the care and management ... more

Nursing Baby, SimPad capable,W19571

Nursing Baby, SimPad capable

$ 2,670.00
Item: W19571 [1005245]
The clinical skills training manikin is for in-hospital infant professionals. Nursing Baby is an infant manikin designed for scenario-based training of the care and management of a variety of infant in-hospital patients. Possible training ... more

IV Torso,W19648

IV Torso

$ 1,045.00
Item: W19648 [1008937]
The IV Torso allows practicing of intravenous access techniques. The IV Torso has been specifically designed to meet the key educational goals of training programs. Product benefits: • Enables students to experience realistic procedures ... more

Neck pad for IV Torso,W19649

Neck pad for IV Torso

$ 323.00
Item: W19649 [1008938]
Replacement part for IV Torso (W19648) 1008937 more

Femoral pad,W19650

Femoral pad

$ 213.00
Item: W19650 [1008939]
replacement part for IV Torso (W19648) 1008937 more

Deluxe Venous Access Device Model,W43007

Deluxe Venous Access Device Model

$ 491.00
Item: W43007 [1005563]
Teach patients and healthcare staff the care and use of two different types of catheters with this model. Features left and right subclavian catheter connections that may be flushed with water; implanted venous access system with a "skin ... more

Central Venous Cannulation Simulator,W44017

Central Venous Cannulation Simulator

$ 825.00
Item: W44017 [1005595]
Designed for learning and practicing CVC techniques, the Life/form® Central Venous Cannulation Simulator is directed to the emergency medical field. ACLS and ATLS participants will find this simulator to be the ideal trainer. Anatomically ... more

ECG/Umbilical Cannulation Skin,W44800

ECG/Umbilical Cannulation Skin

$ 495.00
Item: W44800 [1017952]
This pediatric chest skin with umbilicus is perfect for practicing and demonstrating umbilical clamping, cutting and catheterization. Also has four sites for ECG monitoring. Comes with one pint of Life/form® blood, one IV bag with clamp ... more

Chester Chest™ With New Advanced Arm,W46507/1

Chester Chest™ With New Advanced Arm

$ 753.00
Item: W46507/1 [1009801]
Chester Chest™ - with a new, more advanced arm which you can also order separately to upgrade your Chester Chest™! Chester Chest™ is an unequalled teaching aid which makes it possible to learn how to use the following long term vascular ... more

Peter PICC Lines Simulator,W46510

Peter PICC Lines Simulator

$ 693.00
Item: W46510 [1013812]
The only available teaching model which allows review of the principles and tools necessary to validate the knowledge and skills needed for Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC)lines. The rapid acceptance and use of PICCs creates a ... more

Advanced Arm for Chester Chest,W46511

Advanced Arm for Chester Chest

$ 273.00
Item: W46511 [1005840]
For use with W46507/1 Permits suturing of an implanted peripheral port and attachment to a “blood” reservoir. A tissue flap is placed over implanted port for the realistic practice of palpation and accessing. Port is not included. more

PDA Stat Baby,W99835

PDA Stat Baby

$ 11,000.00
Item: W99835
Utilizing the proven PDA programming of our adult trainer, PDA Baby allows the instructor to subtly change the physiological features of the baby to further challenge the student’s assessment skills, and to track the session for later ... more