Chemistry Experiments and Chemistry Kits

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Lab kits to investigate Polymers, Thermochemistry, Enzymes and other Chemistry topics. Organic and Inorganic Chemistry Sets for Students and Teachers. Molecular models including Graphite, Diamond, Sodium Chloride, Buckminsterfullerence and more. See the new 3-D relief magnetic cellular models showing the stages and phases of Mitosis and Meiosis. The Periodic Table of Elements with Pictures is super-sized, color-coded and includes information on the discovery of the element, its characteristics, availability, uses and role in life processes.
Nerves of steel,U11120

Nerves of steel

$ 88.00
Item: U11120 [1000538]
Great experiments for simulating the conduction of impulses along nerve fibres according to Prof. Dr. Matthias Ducci / Prof. Dr. Marco Oetken) Exciting experiments for interdisciplinary teaching of fifth and sixth form classes. A model system ... more

Set of molecular models (90 atoms),U29203

Set of molecular models (90 atoms)

$ 27.00
Item: U29203 [1012032]
18 Carbons 4-hole Tetra. Black 10 Carbons 2-hole linear Black 6 Oxygen 2-hole Ang. Red 6 Oxygen 1-hole Red 38 Hydrogen 1-hole White 6 Nitrogen 4-hole Tetra. Blue 1 Sulfur 4-hole Tetra. Yellow 4 Halogen 1-hole ... more

Round-Bottomed Flask, 500 ml,U29428

Round-Bottomed Flask, 500 ml

$ 8.60
Item: U29428 [1011769]
Round-bottomed flask made of borosilicate glass, 500 ml. more

Crystal PVC Hose 4mm 20 m,U29495

Crystal PVC Hose 4mm 20 m

$ 19.10
Item: U29495 [1010124]
Tubing made of crystal clear PVC. Length 20 m. Internal diameter: 4 mm Wall thickness: 1 mm more

Daniell Cell F,U29503

Daniell Cell F

$ 37.40
Item: U29503 [1010131]
Galvanic cell (Daniell cell) named after John Frederic Daniell for studying the properties of an electrochemical cell. The Daniell cell consists of a cylindrical zinc and copper electrode, a clay vessel and a battery glass. Filled with cell ... more


Volta's Pile on 3B Box

$ 35.50
Item: U29504 [1010132]
Replica of Alessandro Volta’s apparatus consisting of series-connected galvanic cells to make up a source of electricity. Zinc and copper plates stacked in alternation on top of each other are separated in each case by a piece of felt soaked ... more


Boyle's Law Activity Model

$ 19.00
Item: W55594
Sturdy, economical design provides an ideal way to observe and quantify the relationship between gas pressure and volume. As weights are added to the platen, the same numbers of gas particles are compressed into a smaller volume, increasing ... more

Chemical Reactions Lab Investigation,W55596

Chemical Reactions Lab Investigation

$ 76.00
Item: W55596
Discover the definition of a chemical reaction and understand its nature, mechanism, properties and applications in both chemistry and biology. Through a series of inquiry-based experiments, your class will demonstrate and observe the changes ... more

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Atom Activity Model,W55758

Atom Activity Model

$ 80.00
Item: W55758
Graphically model all of the key components of the atom, including the nucleus, protons, neutrons and electrons, and the electron layers. Make it easy to comprehend the atom’s structure and such important concepts as atomic number, ... more

Elements, Mixtures & Compounds Lab,W55765

Elements, Mixtures & Compounds Lab

$ 58.00
Item: W55765
Provide your class with a basic understanding of the primary concepts of chemistry as they investigate how matter is classified, identify the various types of mixtures, and compare the properties of solutions with the properties of mixtures ... more

A Close Look at Polymers:  Making Slime Lab,W55771

A Close Look at Polymers: Making Slime Lab

$ 50.00
Item: W55771
A fun way to explore the properties of long-chain polymers! Investigate the properties of Slime™, a trademarked toy material first marketed commercially in the 1970s. Your students will prepare this entertaining - yet educational - material ... more

Disappearing Ink Demo,W55779

Disappearing Ink Demo

$ 24.00
Item: W55779
The case of the mysterious disappearing ink! Expose your class to the science behind acid-base reactions through the demonstration of an ink that disappears right before their eyes. You'll apply a blue liquid to a sheet of paper, leaving behind ... more

Solvent Spill Clean Up - Safety Clean Up Kit,W56603

Solvent Spill Clean Up - Safety Clean Up Kit

$ 48.00
Item: W56603
Kit Includes:
  • 1 Instruction Sheet/MSDS
  • 2 Vinyl Exam Gloves
  • 2 Poly Bags (9 x 16in)
  • 2 Twist Ties
  • 2 Blank Shipping Tags
  • 1 Dust Pan and Brush
  • 1 Bag of Diatomaceous Earth

Chemistry of Who done it? Lab - Crime Scene Investigation Lab,W56610

Chemistry of Who done it? Lab - Crime Scene Investigation Lab

$ 144.00
Item: W56610
The Forensic Chemistry of Who Done it? Lab sets up the following scenario: Use your forensic techniques to solve the crime of the missing frogs from the biology classroom. Four possible suspects have been identified by authorities. Use fingerprints ... more

Forensic Chemistry of Dusting for Fingerprints,W56611

Forensic Chemistry of Dusting for Fingerprints

$ 67.00
Item: W56611
Learn to identify and classify differnt types of fingerprints. Students will learn how to identify different types of fingerprints and distinguishing characteristics, as well as dusting for fingerprints, the oldest and most commonly used method ... more