Child Patient Care Manikins

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Nursing Kid, SimPad capable,W19570

Nursing Kid, SimPad capable

$ 2,800.00
Item: W19570 [1005244]
The clinical skills training manikin for in-hospital pediatric professionals Nursing Kid is a training manikin realistically representing a six-year old child. He is designed for skill and scenario based training of the care and management ... more

REN Cleaner for Manikins,W44200

REN Cleaner for Manikins

$ 20.00
Item: W44200
Use to remove stubborn stains from Life/form® replicas. Simply spray area and wipe clean with a soft cloth or paper towel. 12-oz. bottle. more

Mike & Michelle® Child Patient Care Manikin,W45085

Mike & Michelle® Child Patient Care Manikin

$ 595.00
Item: W45085 [1005808]
This manikin simulates a five-year old child with rotatable arms and legs (jointed elbows and knees) and articulating head. It allows training of basic and advanced paediatric patient care procedures such as:
  • Bathing and bandaging
... more

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