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Like & Dislike Stamps,W63002

Like & Dislike Stamps

$ 10.00
Item: W63002
Back in the 80s, movie review duo Siskel & Ebert became legends for introducing a revolutionary technique for simplified cultural critique. Gone was the bewildering "four star" system. Instead, every movie came in one of two flavors: "Thumbs ... more

Floppy Disk Coasters - Set of 4,W64041

Floppy Disk Coasters - Set of 4

$ 6.00
Item: W64041
Do you have the data? Our Floppy Disk Coasters are silicone "formatted" 1.44 MB Floppy Coasters that are sure to be the hit of your next social network or LAN party. Floppy disks are pretty much extinct nowadays with flash drives and on-demand ... more

Wine Charms - Set of 8,W64041WC

Wine Charms - Set of 8

$ 6.00
Item: W64041WC
These computer keyboard wine charms are the perfect gift for that wine-loving computer geek in your life. more

Computery Temporary Tattoos,W64085C

Computery Temporary Tattoos

$ 5.00
Item: W64085C
Place a power button on you or a friend! This set comes with cursors, emoticons, computer codes, and more. It's all there in one smart set of Pixels and Ink! 30 fun tattoos on two 4 x 6" sheets *Ages 4+ more

USB Flower Hub,W64506F

USB Flower Hub

$ 14.00
Item: W64506F
This 4-port USB Flower Hub is the cutest! It looks like four small tulips but allows simultaneous operation of up to four separate devices all attached to a single USB port. more

Bits & Bytes Wall Clock,W64548

Bits & Bytes Wall Clock

$ 65.00
Item: W64548
Go high tech with this stylish Karlson Bits & Bytes wall clock. Up-close this gift appears to be a jumbled white background with zeros and ones randomly placed. Take a step back and this white background is actually a stylish clock with techy ... more

I am a Social Networker - Neoprene Laptop Sleeve,W64550

I am a Social Networker - Neoprene Laptop Sleeve

$ 21.00
Item: W64550
The "I am a Social Networker" Laptop bag is a fun and practical way to carry your laptop and keep it safe from damage. Makes a great geek gift to give to that social networker who just can't get enough. Sleeve measures 13 x 10 inches. more

Social Media Citation Nifty Notes,W64570SMC

Social Media Citation Nifty Notes

$ 3.00
Item: W64570SMC
When it comes to online etiquette, some people need a little firm but friendly guidance. Less public than an online post, this real-world pad lets you show you care by showing them the error in their ways. It's the perfect geek gift for ... more

The "Slide to Unlock" Magnet,W64657

The "Slide to Unlock" Magnet

$ 4.00
Item: W64657
Chances are, you have an iPhone in your pocket and an iPad in your backpack. Our 17" SLIDE TO UNLOCK magnet is a super fun geek gift. Put it on the fridge or make a statement and put it on your car.  Gadget geeks will all enjoy! ... more

Tunes for Two - Robot Headphone Splitter,W64700

Tunes for Two - Robot Headphone Splitter

$ 9.00
Item: W64700
This robot buddy allows two people to listen to the same music scource. The Robot Headphone Splitter is attached to a keychain for easy access. Compatible with any device with a standard 3.5mm headphone socket, including iPods, iPhones, MP3 ... more

Keyboard Keys Earbud Set,W64704

Keyboard Keys Earbud Set

$ 12.00
Item: W64704
Accessorize your ears with these adorable and unique ear phones. These novelty earbuds are the perfect geek gift for that computer nerd. Includes two sets of soft silicone tips. The actual earbud features an "R" computer key and an "L" computer ... more

Keyboard Keys Stationery Set,W64705

Keyboard Keys Stationery Set

$ 10.00
Item: W64705
Add some whimsey to your desk with this mini stationery set. It's the fashionably geeky way to get organized. The set of four desktop instruments includes: paperclip holder, keyboard brush, hole punch and a stapler. All accessories are ... more

App Calculator,W64709

App Calculator

$ 12.00
Item: W64709
The App Calculator is an iPad sized calculator for all your calculating needs! Solar powered with bright colored numbers. Pefect geek gift! 7.5 x 9.6 x 0.5" more

Keyboard Menorah,W64711K

Keyboard Menorah

$ 9.00
Item: W64711K
Your key to a Happy Hanukkah. It's the perfect geek gift for the computer geek on your Hanukkah shopping list! Celebrate Hanukkah with this unique keyboard menorah. The keys spell out H A N U K K A 8. Set includes nine ceramic "keys." ... more

Dynomighty® Cyber Wallet,W64765CY

Dynomighty® Cyber Wallet

$ 10.00
Item: W64765CY
The incredible maze of circuits and components that are used in computer motherboards are celebrated here! The Mighty Wallet® is tear-resistant, water-resistang, expandable and recyclable. Made from Tyvek® (think express mail envelops ... more

Caps Lock Bottle Stoppers,W64791

Caps Lock Bottle Stoppers

$ 6.00
Item: W64791
When you've finished the glass but not the bottle, what's to stop the wine from going off? Our key-shaped stoppers look like they have just come off a keyboard but fit neatly into a wine bottle neck to keep everything nice and fresh until ... more

Thumbs Up - Likeable Cufflinks,W64793

Thumbs Up - Likeable Cufflinks

$ 15.00
Item: W64793
Show the world what you like with these social networking style cufflinks. They let you give life a subtle thumbs up or a thumbs down depending on how the day's going - and they look pretty smart too - so they'll go with all your formal gear ... more

Key Caps - Key Covers,W64794

Key Caps - Key Covers

$ 4.00
Item: W64794
How do you open a door? Use the 'enter' key. Well, that's exactly what you do with these key toppers. Designed to fit neatly over almost any key, they look just like the enter key on a computer keyboard and even have a standard ring so you ... more

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