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Female Condom Training Model,L41/2

Female Condom Training Model

From $ 90.00
Item: L41/2 [1000339]
This model shows the labia and vagina up to the cervix in a simplified representation for didactic reasons, and is used for demonstrating and learning the insertion of a female condom. more

Male Condom Training Model,L42

Male Condom Training Model

From $ 99.00
Item: L42 [1000340]
This model of an erect penis with testicles is used to learn how to use a condom safely.The anatomical structures and its firmness are absolutely realistic, so that your students can train putting on and removing a condom in a realistic way more

Condom Training Models,W19101

Condom Training Models

$ 58.00
Item: W19101 [1005115]
This economic set consists of 20 Styrofoam penis models, and provides a means of practicing the correct use of condoms, even in large groups. The reusable models can be fixed to the desktop with adhesive tape, so that both hands are free for ... more

Condom Training Model,W43001

Condom Training Model

$ 165.00
Item: W43001 [1005560]
Demonstrate the proper use of condoms by using this realistic model. Consists of an erect penis, 12 condoms, syringe and artificial semen (UV-fluorescent fluid) to simulate ejaculation. Great aid for sex education! Mounted on a stand with ... more

I.U.D Trainer,W44615

I.U.D Trainer

$ 15.00
Item: W44615 [1005766]
Hand-held trainer which is a suitable aid for understanding correct positioning of I.U.D. (Intrauterine Device) in the uterus. Made of durable plastic, the trainer features a transparent cover which allows easy visualization of insertion and ... more

Family Planning Educator,W45009

Family Planning Educator

$ 255.00
Item: W45009 [1005784]
Desktop simulator for training and demonstration of: • Introduction and removal of a diaphragm, an IUD or sponge contraception devices • Normal and abnormal uterine positions • Bi-manual examination technique The ... more

I.U.D Trainer,W45152

I.U.D Trainer

$ 95.00
Item: W45152 [1005825]
This anatomically accurate model represents a section of the uterus, ovaries and fimbrae. The uterus is covered by a clear plastic window to allows easy visualization of insertion and placement of I.U.D. (I.U.D. not included). more

Female Condom Model,W45154

Female Condom Model

$ 160.00
Item: W45154 [1005826]
This model represents an anteverted uterus in a simulated pelvic cavity with soft vulva and vagina and a soft plastic stomach cover. A perfect tool to demonstrate the use of a female condom, contraceptive sponge and cervical cap. Supplied ... more

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