Diffusion Cloud Chamber, 5"

$ 495.00

A.U. Physics
Item No.
The Model 500 Diffusion Cloud Chamber is used to view high energy alpha particles, lower energy beta particles, and electrons. Sources such as radioactive material, cosmic rays and other forms of naturally occurring radiation can be studied with this device. Unlike most cloud chambers on the market, this unit does not use dry ice! Simply connect the unit to a source of cold running water, or use the included pump and a container of ice water and your experiments will run for hours! With visible tracks showing in as little as 15 minutes, the Model 500 Diffusion Cloud Chamber is a wonderful demonstration tool that can be easily set up and operated just about anywhere!

  • 12V DC Power Supply
  • Circulation Pump and Hoses
  • Built-In Illumination
  • Internal Clearing Field Generator
  • Radioactive source coupon (for shipping purposes the source cannot be included; coupon should be redeemed immediately upon receipt).
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