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For the one who has everything! Our gadgets and gizmos gifts are sure to please. Check out the best-selling iPhone Microscope or use the Water Proof Gadget Case poolside to protect your smart device! The Space Coaster provides hours of fun - check out the video! The Solar Bugs are a big hit for all ages, just place in direct sunlight and see them bounce and wiggle around or amaze people with the Omega Levitron, the anti-gravity top.
AntWorks Habitat for Ants,U49401

AntWorks Habitat for Ants

$ 15.00
Item: U49401
AntWorks™ allows one to study the behavior of ants in a unique, self-contained environment. Its special gel is full of nutrients specially formulated for the needs of the ant. Because the gel is clear, one can see tunnel architecture ... more

Programmable Message Clock,U49402

Programmable Message Clock

$ 48.00
Item: U49402
The unique “Persistence of Vision” technology creates real images floating in mid-air, while an advanced drive mechanism ensures quiet, reliable operation. The vast appeal of this clock makes it the perfect geek gift.  An auto-dim feature makes ... more

Omega Levitron®,U49405

Omega Levitron®

$ 26.00
Item: U49405
Levitron Amazing Anti-gravity Top! Spin the top and watch it float freely above it's base. It is amazing to see as it floats freely in space with no strings attached. Challenging to operate, but suitable for ages 8 and up. Makes a memorable ... more


Nature's Fire

$ 30.00
Item: U49411
Undersea Volcano The dynamics of bringing earth, fire and water together are reflected in this amazing, kinetic sculpture. Product Includes: * Motion Beads * Multi-Colored LED Lights * AC Pump * 120 or 220 volt power adapter Item ... more

Top Secret,U49417

Top Secret

$ 9.00
Item: U49417
Can you explain what your senses experience? More than a mystery…it's an exercise in knowledge! Spin this unique top on its base and watch it continue for hours, sometimes days without stopping… more

Level Pen,U49610

Level Pen

$ 21.00
Item: U49610
Ball point pen complete with water level and screwdriver. more

Lumin Disk,U49760

Lumin Disk

$ 35.00
Item: U49760
The new battery operated flat panel Lumin Disk responds to your touch, dances to your music or you can just watch it put on a stunning plasma light show. The Lumin Disk looks great on any table or desktop, or hangs easily on a wall with its ... more

Pocket Plasma Clip-on,U49761

Pocket Plasma Clip-on

$ 20.00
Item: U49761
A clip-on, portable version of the Lumin Disk, the Pocket Plasma responds to touch, voice or music on the go! Clip it to your pocket or sun visor in your car and watch it respond to sound! Batteries not included. Available in Blue, Green ... more

Mini Plasma Globe,U49762

Mini Plasma Globe

$ 15.00
Item: U49762
The Mini Plasma Globe creates a dramatic display of light inside a hand-blown glass sphere. This mini version is perfect for your desk or table! Place your fingers on the glass surface and watch as colored bolts of glowing light follow your ... more

6 In 1 Educational Mini Solar Kit,W64026ESK

6 In 1 Educational Mini Solar Kit

$ 22.00 $ 17.00
Item: W64026ESK
Use the 21 snap together parts (no tools required) to build six different working models including an airboat, windmill, puppy, and two different planes. more

Salt Water Fuel Cell Giant Arachnid Kit,W64027

Salt Water Fuel Cell Giant Arachnid Kit

$ 14.00
Item: W64027
Building on the success of the award winning Salt Water Fuel Cell Monster Truck (W64027), the second generation appears to be just as dramatic... maybe a little frightening. After activating the fuel cell module with a saltwater mixture, the ... more

Salt Water Fuel Cell Monster Truck Kit,W64027MTK

Salt Water Fuel Cell Monster Truck Kit

$ 20.00
Item: W64027MTK
The Salt Water Fuel Cell Monster Truck Kit is equipped with four-wheel drive mechanical construction. It easily handles different types of terrain by its twisted car body design. The transparent case design allows you to see the rhythm of ... more

Light & Sound Hat,W64060

Light & Sound Hat

$ 40.00
Item: W64060
The Light & Sound Hat features a sound sensitive built-in graphic equilizer panel. As the music beats, the hat's equilizer lights up to the music. So geek-chic and the perfect gift! Great for commanding attention at concerts, raves and parties ... more

Shake N Wake Silent Alarm Clock,W64062

Shake N Wake Silent Alarm Clock

$ 32.00
Item: W64062
If you need to make sure you wake up on time but don't want to disturb your partner or roommates, this wearable alarm clock is the solution. Strap it to your wrist or place it under your pillow and it will vibrate to wake you up! Perfect ... more

Space Coaster,W64064

Space Coaster

$ 43.00
Item: W64064
With the ingenious Space Coaster, you can build a spectacular, gravity-defying rollercoaster for... marbles! Features white-knuckle turns, motorized elevator, and a loop-the-loop. Creates the perfect hand-on geek gift. The fun just keeps on ... more

Space Rug Black,W64065BL

Space Rug Black

$ 58.00
Item: W64065BL
Keep warm, stay active, and look like a science fiction character with the out of this world Space Rug! This geek-chic gift features long and baggy sleeves, a generous hood and two deep pockets (perfect for holding the remote) to keep cozy ... more

Space Rug Brown,W64065BR

Space Rug Brown

$ 58.00
Item: W64065BR
Keep warm, stay active, and look like a science fiction character with the out of this world Space Rug! This geek-chic gift features long and baggy sleeves, a generous hood and two deep pockets (perfect for holding the remote) to keep cozy ... more

Space Rug White,W64065W

Space Rug White

$ 63.00
Item: W64065W
Keep warm, stay active, and look like a science fiction character with the out of this world Space Rug! This geek-chic gift features long and baggy sleeves, a generous hood and two deep pockets (perfect for holding the remote) to keep cozy ... more

Sudoku Toilet Roll,W64066

Sudoku Toilet Roll

$ 9.00
Item: W64066
Love Sudoku puzzles but often get them wrong? Now you can flush away the evidence with this fun Sudoku toilet paper! more

Da Vinci Catapult Kit,W64067

Da Vinci Catapult Kit

$ 30.00
Item: W64067
Get a deeper understanding of one of history's great geniuses with this fully-functioning scale model of a Leonardo Da Vinci Catapult. Have fun assembling the ingenious design, before testing it by flinging the soft clay balls (included ... more

Emergency Phone Charger,W64068

Emergency Phone Charger

$ 14.00
Item: W64068
A sleek, durable and compact phone charger. It's really simple to use - just insert an "AA" battery and it will give you an extra 2 hours talk time. Very handy for those emergency situations! Compatible with the following ... more

LED Showerhead,W64069

LED Showerhead

$ 68.00
Item: W64069
Showering has never been more fun than with this LED color changing showerhead. Simply attach the chrome plated showerhead to your existing standard shower hose and see the water change color according to the temperature. Never again will you ... more

Waterproof Gadget Case,W64070GAD

Waterproof Gadget Case

$ 39.00
Item: W64070GAD
Who doesn't need this?! Safeguards phones, cameras and other small items you want to keep dry for depths of up to 40 meters (131 feet). What's more, the case is transparent and flexible so your device is still fully functional when it's inside ... more

Aqua iPad Case,W64070PAD

Aqua iPad Case

$ 78.00
Item: W64070PAD
This form-fitting waterproof case safeguards your precious iPad from the elements! If you hate to be parted from your iPad but deem it too precious for certain scenarios - think lounging in the bath while browsing the newspapers online, propping ... more

USB Flower Hub,W64506F

USB Flower Hub

$ 14.00
Item: W64506F
This 4-port USB Flower Hub is the cutest! It looks like four small tulips but allows simultaneous operation of up to four separate devices all attached to a single USB port. more

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