Emergency Phone Charger

$ 14.00

Item No.
A sleek, durable and compact phone charger. It's really simple to use - just insert an "AA" battery and it will give you an extra 2 hours talk time. Very handy for those emergency situations!

Compatible with the following mobile phones. Connectors included:

Mot. V3 Series: E770V/ E1070/ L2/ L6/ L7 SLVR/ U6 PLEB/ V230/ V235/ V3/ V3i/ V3X/ V3 RAZR/ V360

Nok. 6230: 1100/ 1101/ 1110/ 1600/ 2100/ 23xx/ 26xx/ 3100/ 3120/32xx/ 33xx/

Pop-Port Series: 3410/ 3510/ 36xx/ 5100/ 5140/ 5410i/ 60xx/ 6100/ 6170/ 6220/ 6230/ 6230i/ 6260i/ 6310/ 66xx/ 68xx/ 72xx/ 7380/ 76xx/ 800/ 9300/ 9500/ Ngage

Nok. 6233 Series: 1112/ 3250/ 5500/ 6101/ 6103/ 6111/ 6125/ 6131/ 6136/ 6233/ 6234/ 6270/ 6280/ 7360/ 7370/ Exx/ Nxx

Son-Eri. Fastport: D750i/ J100i/ J220i/ J230i/ K310i/ K510i/ K610/ K750i/

K750 Series: K790i/ K800i/ M600i/ P990i/ S600i/ V630i/ W8xx/ W9xx/ Z520i/ / Z530i/ Z550i/ Z710i

Blackberry: 7100t/ 7100V/ 7100x/ 7130V/ 7230/ 7290/ 8100 PEARL/ 8700g/ 8707v

iPod Compatibility: iPod Nano 1st/2nd/3rd generation, iPod Classic, iPod Mini.

PLEASE NOTE: Unsuitable for use with the iPod Touch or iPhone.

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