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Orbit™ Tellurium,U19600

Orbit™ Tellurium

$ 571.00
Item: U19600 [1008661]
Attractive and easy-to-operate three-dimensional model of the sun, moon and earth, for comprehensive demonstration of their motions. Earth and moon in two different sizes in order to demonstrate day and night, motion of the sun across the sky ... more

Computerized Cavendish Balance,U40205

Computerized Cavendish Balance

$ 2,265.00
Item: U40205 [1003337]
A Cavendish torsion balance demonstrates the force of gravity between two masses and allows the gravitational constant to be determined. Thanks to the short oscillation period of just 2–4 minutes, the gravitational constant can be determined ... more

Tungsten Wire,U40210

Tungsten Wire

$ 833.00
Item: U40210 [1009718]
Roll of torsion wire for Cavendish torsion balance (U40205). Diameter: 25 µm more

Block for Friction Experiments,U8409250

Block for Friction Experiments

$ 27.00
Item: U8409250 [4003876]
Aluminium block with a teflon-coated surface and 2 hooks. Dimensions: 55×50×25 mm³ more

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