Heat Flow / Radiation of Heat

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Crookes Radiometer,U14300

Crookes Radiometer

$ 48.00
Item: U14300 [1002882]
Device for demonstrating the conversion of radiation energy into kinetic energy. Rotary vane wheel mounted on a metal tip and equipped with four plates, each coloured black on one side; housed in an evacuated glass bulb. Height: approx ... more

Heat Flow Device,U14340

Heat Flow Device

$ 161.00
Item: U14340 [1002903]
Stable glass flask with rectangular bends for demonstrating the flow of heat in a liquid that is heated non-uniformly. With GL18 screw fitting and side-limbs for filling with water, and a small quantity of potassium permanganate for colouring ... more

Vane Wheel,U20020

Vane Wheel

$ 9.00
Item: U20020 [1003101]
Device for demonstrating air and heat flows generated by a burning candle, water vapor or other heat sources. Made of aluminum and mountable on a long needle. more



$ 244.00
Item: U8441301 [1000824]
Sensitive probe for measuring heat radiated by a black body or Leslie cube, as well as for detecting visible light and ultra-violet radiation. Comprises a metal housing with a polished, conical reflector and a black surface 15 mm in diameter ... more


Leslie's Cube

$ 180.00
Item: U8442835 [1000835]
A hollow aluminium cube for investigating heat radiation from a hot body as a function of its temperature and surface. With a removable lid for pouring in hot water and 2 openings for inserting a thermometer or thermal sensor and a stirrer ... more

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