Hot and Cold Pillows

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3B Scientific® Wheat Cushion dark blue,O110

3B Scientific® Wheat Cushion dark blue

$ 26.00
Item: O110 [1000500]
Tips for cleaning and care: To preserve the natural moisture of the cushion for a long time, it is recommended to moisten it from time to time. The cotton cover can be cleaned with a sponge and a little shampoo or soapy water although you should ... more

Headache Ice Pillow™ with Ice Pack,W56036

Headache Ice Pillow™ with Ice Pack

$ 36.00
Item: W56036
Core Products Headache Ice Pillow recently earned the Health & Wellness Seal of Approval from the National Health and Wellness Clubs, scoring high in ease of use, quality and performance. The Ice Pillow features time-honored and ... more

Separate Gel Pack,W56038

Separate Gel Pack

$ 22.00
Item: W56038
This gel pack is for use with W56036. more

Blue Pillowcase for W56036,W56039

Blue Pillowcase for W56036

$ 14.00
Item: W56039
Replacment pillow case for Headache Ice Pillow (W56036) more