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Word Nerd Shirt - Women

Word Nerd Shirt - Women's Fitted Tee

From $ 17.00
Item: W49467-WM
Are you or someone you know a word nerd? Gotta buy a gift for the Scrabble® fan in your life?  Our Word Nerd Shirt is the perfect addition to that hip but geek wardrobe. Get a triple-score nerd score by flaunting this beauty or giving ... more

Petri Dish Bookworm Giant Microbe,W53268P

Petri Dish Bookworm Giant Microbe

$ 20.00
Item: W53268P
Do you have a favorite bookworm? We do! And our book-lover is sure to interest just about any bibliophile. As if the Giant Microbes were not cute enough, now introducing their cousin line with three smaller versions of the plush microbes ... more

Jane Austen Little Thinker,W64003JA

Jane Austen Little Thinker

$ 13.00
Item: W64003JA
Forgive our pride, and perhaps we're a bid prejudiced, but we think our Jane Austen Little Thinker Doll is pretty wonderful. This gorgeous doll stands 11 inches tall and wears a morning dress, a popular outfit of her time. The Jane Austen Little ... more

William Shakespeare Little Thinker,W64003S

William Shakespeare Little Thinker

$ 24.00
Item: W64003S
Sure, Shakespeare could write some heavy stuff. But when he chose to lighten up, no one was more playful than The Bard. So we think he would have loved our Shakespeare Little Thinker Doll. He stands about 11 inches tall and is handsomely decked ... more

Shakespearean Insult Mug,W64004SI

Shakespearean Insult Mug

$ 15.00
Item: W64004SI
From all reports, William Shakespeare was a decent guy. He was generous, funny, and could drink with the best of them. But one thing you didn't want to do is piss him off. Shakespeare was the Don Rickles of Elizabethan England - His brilliantly ... more


Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothings - Sticky Notes Set

$ 9.00
Item: W64005S
When you've written 38 plays and 154 sonnets, you have to be really organized. Most people praise William Shakespeare for his use of language, plot, and character -- but we're totally blown away by his ability to keep track of everything. Hundreds ... more


Shakespeare's Hamlet Finger Puppet Set

$ 31.00
Item: W64009S
Don't like the ending of 'Hamlet'? Always wanted to see a sequel? Well now you can be the writer, director, and star of your own 'Hamlet'-inspired productions with this 'Hamlet' finger puppet theater set! Finger ... more

Find a Word Frame,W64036

Find a Word Frame

$ 14.00
Item: W64036
The Find-A-Word Frame is the perfect geek gift for the word nerd. Find a word to share a moment. Circle a sentence to tell a story. This Find-A-Word Frame fits a standard 4x6" photo and contains a myriad of words for creative gift-giving ... more

Crossword Puzzle Clock,W64701C

Crossword Puzzle Clock

$ 21.00
Item: W64701C
Hang it just as it is. The filled in spaces spell out the hours or you can treat yourself to a puzzle break and solve the blanks using the provided clues. Uses 1 AA battery (not included). Powdercoated metal. 11 1/2" square. Comes packaged ... more

Scrabble® Coasters in a Tin,W64786C

Scrabble® Coasters in a Tin

$ 14.00
Item: W64786C
These Scrabble® Coasters are 'bar style' coasters and includes two full alphabet sets. If you have a Scrabble® nerd in your life, this is the perfect geek gift for that word nerd! Save your furniture with these funky geek coasters ... more