Measurement of Length

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External Micrometer,U10070

External Micrometer

$ 46.00
Item: U10070 [1002600]
Precision micrometer with thimble and locking system. Measuring surfaces coated with hardened metal, polished with fine lapping. Tempered measuring spindle with polished thread, chromed micrometer arc with insulation, scale drum and sleeve ... more

Calipers, 150 mm,U10071

Calipers, 150 mm

$ 32.00
Item: U10071 [1002601]
Precision calipers for measuring internal and external dimensions and depth. Tempered stainless steel, precision polished measuring surfaces, gauge with matte-chrome finish. In imitation leather pouch. Measuring range: 150 mm /6 inch Graduation ... more

Digital Callipers, 150 mm,U10072

Digital Callipers, 150 mm

$ 103.00
Item: U10072 [1002602]
For measuring internal and external dimensions and depth. Tempered stainless steel, LCD display. Including locking screw, adjustment from cm to inch, zero-calibration in any position, with plastic pouch. Measuring range: 150 mm / 6 inch ... more

Pocket Measuring Tape, 2 m,U10073

Pocket Measuring Tape, 2 m

$ 19.00
Item: U10073 [1002603]
Made of spring band steel, with locking button and recoil spring. Length: 2 m / 79 inch Scales: cm, mm / 1/32 inch more

Precision Sphereometer,U15030

Precision Sphereometer

$ 344.00
Item: U15030 [1002947]
For measuring plate thicknesses, depressions and radii of curvature of spherical surfaces, for example, lenses. The device consists of a tripod with three steel tips which form an equilateral triangle. A micrometer screw with a measuring tip ... more

Vernier Model,U15035

Vernier Model

$ 73.00
Item: U15035 [1002951]
For demonstrating Vernier readings on length measuring devices and protractors. Length: 600 mm Vernier length: 260 mm Height: 190 mm more

Broken Down Cubic Decimetre,U29491

Broken Down Cubic Decimetre

$ 28.30
Item: U29491 [1010121]
The container is a transparent and graduated cube of 10 × 10 × 10 cm3 As for the content, it is composed of 10 × 1 cm3 (5 yellows and 5 blues) 9 × 10 cm3 (4 yellows and 5 blues) 9 × 100 cm3 (4 yellows and 5 blues ... more

Demonstration Callipers,U29622

Demonstration Callipers

$ 8.80
Item: U29622 [1010214]
This can be used to learn how a Vernier calliper works and to measure objects of 1 to 300 mm.Just like a Vernier Calliper it can also measure depth. Overall dimensions: 420 × 200 mm2 more

Callipers S,U29625

Callipers S

$ 4.00
Item: U29625 [1010217]
Inexpensive callipers with 125 mm scale suitable for measuring internal and external dimensions and depths. more

Wooden Metre Stick, Pack of 10,U30041

Wooden Metre Stick, Pack of 10

$ 63.00
Item: U30041 [1003233]
These wooden rules are a classroom staple. more

Wooden Half Metre Stick, Pack of 10,U30042

Wooden Half Metre Stick, Pack of 10

$ 40.00
Item: U30042 [1003234]
These wooden rules are a classroom staple. more

Economy Analog Calipers,U49357

Economy Analog Calipers

$ 14.00
Item: U49357
0-4 inch range, inside and outside readings in 1/16th and 1/32nds. Decimal equivalents table on back. Made of Stainless Steel. more

Analog Dial Calipers,U49358

Analog Dial Calipers

$ 46.00
Item: U49358
6 inch analog caliper, 0-150mm. more

Digital Calipers,U49359

Digital Calipers

$ 39.00
Item: U49359
6 inch digital caliper, with four button control. Range 0-150mm more

Precision Measurement Set, 4 pieces,U49514

Precision Measurement Set, 4 pieces

$ 51.00
Item: U49514
All the basics for taking precise length measurements. Included:
  • 1-Micrometer 25 x 0.1 mm
  • 1-Vernier Caliper 150 x .05mm (6 x .001 in)
  • 1-Knife edge square 90 degree
  • 1-Ruler Steel 150mm (6 in) housed in a sturdy
... more

Ruler, 1 m,U8401550

Ruler, 1 m

$ 29.00
Item: U8401550 [1000742]
Wooden ruler with mm scale on one side and two-coloured cm scale on the reverse. Cross section: 25x8 mm² more

Vertical Ruler, 1 m,U8401560

Vertical Ruler, 1 m

$ 51.00
Item: U8401560 [1000743]
Ruler with fastening pin (d = 12 mm) so that it can be set up vertically in a stand base. Scale as per U8401550. more

Set of Riders for Rulers,U8401570

Set of Riders for Rulers

$ 46.00
Item: U8401570 [1006494]
The set of riders consists of two red plastic pointers to match rulers U8401550 and U8401560 that can be used as movable cursors. Dimensions: 120x40x20 mm³ more

Object for Measurement Exercises,U8404550

Object for Measurement Exercises

$ 20.00
Item: U8404550 [1006889]
Irregularly shaped body, which is especially well suited for practising measurement using Vernier callipers. more

Micrometer Screw K,U8476630

Micrometer Screw K

$ 92.00
Item: U8476630 [1000887]
Micrometer screw with fine tip for measuring diffraction and interference lines. Holder fits the optical rider K (U8475350). Dimensions: approx. 80x30x60 mm³ Weight: approx. 120 g more