Measurement of Time

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Photo Gate,U11365

Photo Gate

$ 99.00
Item: U11365 [1000563]
Infrared photo gate for triggering the 3B NETlog™ unit (U11300) or a digital counter (U8533341). For time measurements in experiments on free fall, motion on a track or pendulum oscillations and for counting pulses. It can be operated in internal ... more

Table Top Stop Clock,U11900

Table Top Stop Clock

$ 108.00
Item: U11900 [1002809]
Large quartz-controlled stop-clock with start stop and reset buttons, cumulative time and lap-time settings (clock resets to zero and starts timing again immediately). 2 hands, dial with dual scale for minutes/seconds and hundredths of a minute ... more

Mechanical Cumulative Stopwatch,U11901

Mechanical Cumulative Stopwatch

$ 88.00
Item: U11901 [1002810]
Cumulative stopwatch with start, stop and reset buttons in shock-resistant plastic casing. Dual dial for minutes and seconds. With pendant cord. Measuring range: 15 min Scale accuracy: 1/10 s Diameter: 55 mm more

Digital Stopwatch,U11902

Digital Stopwatch

$ 30.00
Item: U11902 [1002811]
Stopwatch with 7-digit LCD display in robust plastic casing with start/stop and split/reset buttons for starting and stopping, cumulative, lap-time and dual-time measurement. Includes pendant cord. Specifications:
  • Measuring range
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$ 27.00
Item: U16100 [1003009]
Stopwatch for counting up or down with acoustic alarm. Magnetic holder for attachment to metal surfaces and fold-away support legs. Display: 4-digit LCD, 18 mm Timer range: 99 min 59 s Ticking rate: 1 s Dimensions: 60x60x20 mm³ ... more

Basic Timer (115 V),U40475-115

Basic Timer (115 V)

$ 252.00
Item: U40475-115
The Basic Timer with its no-adjustment ceramic resonator clock will always be correct. The price is the lowest you will find at this quality level. Four large LED digits are displayed on the front panel for great visibility. The Basic Timer ... more

3-in-1 Timer (medium),U49353

3-in-1 Timer (medium)

$ 18.00
Item: U49353
  • Ideal for sports
  • Stopwatch to 24 hours
  • Clock displays hours, minutes & seconds
  • 10 hour countdown in seconds
  • Strong magnet
  • Easy to carry lanyard string
  • Display
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Digital Economy Stopwatch,U49356

Digital Economy Stopwatch

$ 16.00
Item: U49356
  • Daily alarm and hourly chime
  • 12/24 hour clock
  • 1/100 second up to 24 hours
  • Displays lap time, hours, minutes, seconds, month, day and date
  • Dimensions: 2-1/4" x 1/4"
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Digital Counter (115 V, 50/60 Hz),U8533341-115

Digital Counter (115 V, 50/60 Hz)

$ 519.00
Item: U8533341-115 [1001032]
Digital counter/timer for measuring duration of motion, transition times, periods, pendulum periods, frequencies, as well as for counting events or Geiger tube pulses. Includes a speaker that can be turned on and off and power supplies for ... more