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Calcium Sulphate,T22001

Calcium Sulphate

$ 346.00
Item: T22001 [1002519]
Use the Calcium Sulphate molecular model to show the elementary structure of calcium sulphate (anhydrous) as well as other comparable crystal structures such as silicate and phosphate. The bonds of the elementary structure are identified in ... more

Sodium Chloride,T22003

Sodium Chloride

$ 104.00
Item: T22003 [1002521]
This versatile model demonstrates the ion lattice crystal of the sodium chloride type such as NaCl, KCI; NaBr, AgCI, MgO and CaO. more



$ 426.00
Item: T22004 [1002522]
Use this unique model to illustrate the structure of graphite with its tightly packed carbon atoms arranged in layers. The clear plexiglass surfaces which separate the layers provide an unobstructed view of the dark carbon "atoms" ... more



$ 104.00
Item: T22005 [1002523]
Diamond is the world's hardest natural substance. Your students will be able to understand why when they view the arrangement of carbon atoms represented in this model. more

Hexagonal Maximum Density Lattice,T22006

Hexagonal Maximum Density Lattice

$ 96.00
Item: T22006 [1002524]
Shows hexagonal lattice of metal crystal. more

Cubic Spatially Centred Lattice,T22007

Cubic Spatially Centred Lattice

$ 95.00
Item: T22007 [1002525]
Shows the structure of a spatially centered lattice. more

Sulphur (Rhombic form),T22009

Sulphur (Rhombic form)

$ 527.00
Item: T22009 [1002527]
This model depicts the crystal structure of rhombic sulphur where the basic structure is a ring of 8 atoms. The elemental structure of the crystal contains sulphur molecules consisting of 16 atoms. The bonds of the elemental structure are marked ... more

Silicon Dioxide,T22010

Silicon Dioxide

$ 114.00
Item: T22010 [1002528]
Show the structure of silicon dioxide and other covalent compounds by demonstrating the tetrahedral-shaped arrangement of their particles. more

Calcium Carbonate,T22013

Calcium Carbonate

$ 331.00
Item: T22013 [1002530]
This model demonstrates the elementary structure of calcium carbonate (calcite) as well as other crystal structures of similar construction. more

Caesium Chloride,T22015

Caesium Chloride

$ 157.00
Item: T22015 [1002531]
Illustrate the ion lattice crystals of the caesium chloride type such as NH4Cl and CsCl using this model. more



$ 112.00
Item: T22016 [1002532]
This model demonstrates the typical arrangement of bi-atomic molecules such as I2 or O2. more

Molecular Models,U20495

Molecular Models

$ 219.00
Item: U20495
Kit contains assembly elements for the representation of three-dimensional structures of organic and inorganic molecules. The representation can be carried out both in ball-and-stick models and space-filling models. Contents: 134 assembly ... more

Set of molecular models (90 atoms),U29203

Set of molecular models (90 atoms)

$ 27.00
Item: U29203 [1012032]
18 Carbons 4-hole Tetra. Black 10 Carbons 2-hole linear Black 6 Oxygen 2-hole Ang. Red 6 Oxygen 1-hole Red 38 Hydrogen 1-hole White 6 Nitrogen 4-hole Tetra. Blue 1 Sulfur 4-hole Tetra. Yellow 4 Halogen 1-hole ... more

Set of 3 Carbon Configurations,U40030

Set of 3 Carbon Configurations

$ 755.00
Item: U40030 [1012836]
Set of 3 easy-to-use models of various carbon crystal structures: diamond, graphite and fullerene, for demonstrating the fundamental differences between the structures. Specifications:
  • Ball diameter: 25 mm approx.
  • Lengths
... more

Sodium Chloride, 27 Atoms,W19705

Sodium Chloride, 27 Atoms

$ 30.00
Item: W19705 [1005281]
Contents: • 13 Sodium, grey, diameter 23 mm • 14 Chlorine, green, diameter 32 mm • 54 grey, medium links more

Sodium Chloride,W19731

Sodium Chloride

$ 29.00
Item: W19731
This molecular model demonstrates the structure of Sodium Chloride molecules. The sodium chloride molecular model kit includes the following atom parts: 27 atoms 13 Metal, grey octa. 14 Halogen, green octa. 54 links, grey medium The ... more



$ 21.00
Item: W19732
The molecular structure of the diamond is shown. The molecular diamond model includes the following atom parts: 30 Carbon, tetra, black 40 links, medium gray The molecular model of the Diamond is a great chemistry teaching tool. more



$ 29.00
Item: W19733
Demonstrate the molecular structure of graphite. The molecular model kit for graphite includes the following atom parts: 45 Carbon 51 links, medium gray 16 links long flexible purple The graphite molecular model kit shows the teaches ... more

Buckminsterfullerene (C60 Fullerene),W19734

Buckminsterfullerene (C60 Fullerene)

$ 34.00
Item: W19734
The molecular structure of C60 Buckminsterfullerene is demonstrated with this molecular model kit. The Buckminsterfullerene molecular model includes the following atom parts: 60 Carbon, tribipyr, black and 90 links, medium gray. The model ... more

Ice - Molecular Kit,W19736

Ice - Molecular Kit

$ 32.00
Item: W19736
The molecular structure of ice is demonstrated with this kit. The ice molecular model kit includes the following atom parts: 78 atoms 26 oxygen 52 Hydrogen, lin. White 52 NV links 45 medium purple ML-11 97 links The molecular structure ... more



$ 21.00
Item: W19743
Demonstrate the molecular structure of soap. The soap molecular model kit is Self-assembly, One molecule, 56 atom-parts, 24 NV links and 1 tool. The molecular structure of soap has never been so clear. more



$ 20.00
Item: W19745
Glucose is the main carbohydrate that cells use for fuel. From one glucose model a cell can produce 32 ATP's to provide the energy to run the cell! The molecular structure of glucose is demonstrated with this molecular model kit. This ... more



$ 19.00
Item: W19746
The molecular structure of Sucrose is demonstrated in 3D. The sucrose molecular model kits is: Self-assembly One molecule 45 atom-parts 46 NV links 1 tool The sucrose molecular model kit is a great visual teaching aide. more

Starch or Cellulose,W19747

Starch or Cellulose

$ 25.00
Item: W19747
The molecular structure of Starch or cellulose is demonstrated with this molecular model kit. The Starch or Cellulose molecular model includes: Self-assembly Three glucose units 63 atom-parts 66 NV links 1 tool Starch or Cellulose ... more

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