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Neonatal Wound Kit,W19368

Neonatal Wound Kit

$ 1,500.00
Item: W19368 [1017261]
For use on any newborn manikin. These wounds represent the major complications associated with critical neonates. Development of each wound coincides with the S.T.A.B.L.E. program, which consists of Sugar, Temperature, Airway, Blood pressure ... more

Simulated Blood 4oz - Red,W19613

Simulated Blood 4oz - Red

$ 19.00
Item: W19613
Give any medical emergency training session a sense of reality with this simulated blood. more

Casualty Simulation Kit I,W44519

Casualty Simulation Kit I

$ 185.00
Item: W44519 [1005708]
The most economical way to get started in simulated injuries is with this Casualty Simulation Kit. Reusable wounds and refillable accessories let you practice bandaging and splinting techniques repeatedly. The casualty simulation kit is supplied ... more

Casualty Simulation Kit II,W44520

Casualty Simulation Kit II

$ 360.00
Item: W44520 [1005709]
This medical emergency simulation kit gives you more complex wounds for testing higher levels of skill in bandaging and patient care while keeping initial expenditures low. The casualty simulation kit is supplied in a storage case and includes ... more

Casualty Simulation Kit III,W44521

Casualty Simulation Kit III

$ 588.00
Item: W44521 [1005710]
This casualty simulation kit is especially suitable for use in the creation a disaster scenario where application of makeup on multiple casualties creates the widest range of wounds. This kit contains specialty wounds associated with gunshots ... more

Casualty Simulation Kit IV,W44522

Casualty Simulation Kit IV

$ 998.00
Item: W44522 [1005711]
This complex EMT (Emergency Medical Training) kit uses components applied to human and manikin patients to get the widest variety of training situations possible. Wounds strapped on, stuck on, created from wax and made to bleed challenge both ... more

Forensic Wounds Simulation Training Kit,W44646

Forensic Wounds Simulation Training Kit

$ 750.00
Item: W44646 [1005772]
This basic trauma evidence-gathering unit contains a series of wounds created specifically for teaching crime scene analysis and forensic scene reconstruction. The details in the wounds are designed to determine types of weapons, direction ... more

Forensic Science Wound Package,W44688

Forensic Science Wound Package

$ 286.00
Item: W44688 [1005781]
These wounds are the special stick-on wounds found in the Forensic Science Wound Simulation Kit. You receive the 18 wounds developed for forensic science. Use these to augment your existing casualty simulation kit. Wounds Included: Petechiae ... more

Life/form® First Aid Arm,W44733

Life/form® First Aid Arm

$ 645.00
Item: W44733 [1013748]
The Life/form® First Aid Arm provides extremely realistic appearance and function to make your training excercise true-to-life. Looks and feels like a real arm. Synthetic blood can be made to flow from either the cut on the forearm or ... more

Trauma Moulage Kit,W44734

Trauma Moulage Kit

$ 575.00
Item: W44734
Application of these realistic bleeding moulages to a full-body manikin facilitates quick identification, diagnosis, and dressing of wounds by trainees. Kit includes compound fractures, contusions, lacerations, evisceration, sucking chest ... more

Nursing Care Wound Kit for Geri/Keri Nursing Manikins,W44784

Nursing Care Wound Kit for Geri/Keri Nursing Manikins

$ 1,320.00
Item: W44784 [1017984]
This wound kit offers a highly detailed variety of diseases, presusre and surgically induced wounds to assist practitioners in understanding the treatment of their patients. Whether the practioners' education includes clinical nurse training ... more

Simulated Burns, Set of Four,W44796

Simulated Burns, Set of Four

$ 180.00
Item: W44796 [1018421]
Use assesment findings to identify the burn severity and type to prepare a treatment plan and to measure performance of burn management. The burns are pliable and can easily be cut into any shape to fit any area on a human patient or patient ... more

Moulage Instructional Movie,W47112

Moulage Instructional Movie

$ 62.00
Item: W47112 [1018145]
Produced in conjunction with a leading artist using Hollywood training techniques and years of military experience, the Moulage movie explains the use and application of every portion of the Casualty Simulation Skits. Start simple and go for ... more

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