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Smokeless Moxa Sticks,W53123

Smokeless Moxa Sticks

$ 5.00
Item: W53123
These Smokeless Moxa sticks are mixed with moxa and herbs, and produce intensive heat. 0.5” diameter x 4.5” long 5 per box more

Nova Moxa Lamp,W53124

Nova Moxa Lamp

$ 95.00
Item: W53124
Moxibustion Made Easy without Holding Over the Skin!   The all new patented Moxa Lamp consists of a radiator and a supporting system. The head is made of three sets of tube grippers for holding moxa sticks, a heat reflecting cover; and ... more

Moxa Elite Herbal Patches,W53125

Moxa Elite Herbal Patches

$ 5.00
Item: W53125
Moxa Elite is a series of innovative herbal patches refined from superior grade moxa extracts. Unlike traditional moxa products, Moxa Elite does not use fire as an indispensable method to apply moxibustion. Instead, it employs a new breakthrough ... more

Pure Moxa Rolls,W53133

Pure Moxa Rolls

$ 5.00
Item: W53133
Traditionally blended pure moxa roll. 0.7” x 8.2” long 10 pc/ per box more