Nervous System

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Brain Model, 2 part,PP-C15

Brain Model, 2 part

Item: PP-C15
Contrasting colors are used to indicate various anatomic structures in the human brain, making this high quality model perfect for beginning anatomy studies of the human brain. Made of unbreakable vinyl, life-size and anatomically accurate ... more

Introductory Brain Model, 2 part,PP-C15/1

Introductory Brain Model, 2 part

Item: PP-C15/1
This basic brain is medially divided, anatomically accurate, life-size and unbreakable!  The structures of the brain are shown in one color, providing an introduction to the human nervous system and anatomy of the brain.  Structures ... more

Brain Model, 4 part,PP-C16

Brain Model, 4 part

Item: PP-C16
This 4-part brain is medially divided. All structures of the brain are hand-painted, numbered and identified in a product manual. The brain's right half can be disassembled into:
  • Frontal with parietal lobes
  • Brain stem with temporal
... more

Brain Model, 8 part,PP-C17

Brain Model, 8 part

Item: PP-C17
A very detailed model of the human brain which is medially divided. Both halves of this brain can be disassembled into:
  • Frontal with parietal lobes
  • Temporal with occipital lobes
  • Half of brain stem
  • Half of cerebellum
... more

Classic Brain, 5 part,PP-C18

Classic Brain, 5 part

Item: PP-C18
This midsagittally sectioned model is an original anatomic cast of a real human brain. The components of the brain's left half are:
  • Frontal and parietal lobe
  • Temporal and occipital lobe
  • Encephalic trunk
  • Cerebellum
... more

Rat Brain Comparative Anatomy,PP-C29

Rat Brain Comparative Anatomy

Item: PP-C29
The C29 model shows a rat brain in approx. 6-fold enlargement. Sectioned medially, it can be disassembled into two halves. The right half of the model shows the structures of the cerebrum, cerebellum and brain stem, each of which is color ... more

Spinal Cord Model 5 times life size,PP-C41

Spinal Cord Model 5 times life size

Item: PP-C41
The Spinal cord model illustrates the composition of the spinal cord, magnified to a scale of about 5:1. The spinal cord is formed by a central channel surrounded by "gray matter" with an outer layer of "white matter". ... more

The Vegetative Nervous System Chart,VR1610UU

The Vegetative Nervous System Chart

Item: VR1610UU [4006708]
This colorful anatomical chart details the human vegetative nervous system. Not only is the function of this part of the nervous system explained on this poster but the role the vegetative nervous system plays in the function of each organ ... more

Nervous System Chart,VR1620UU

Nervous System Chart

Item: VR1620UU [4006710]
This anatomical poster of the human nervous system comes in full colorful detail. The poster details the entire human nervous system including the human brain and spinal cord. The labeled poster of the anatomy of the nervous system is a great ... more

Spinal Nerves Chart,VR1621UU

Spinal Nerves Chart

Item: VR1621UU [4006711]
This colorful anatomical poster focuses on the spinal nerves of the human nervous system. All the important spinal nerves and nerve sections are detailed in the poster. This spinal nerves of the human nervous system poster is a great addition ... more

Stroke Chart,VR1627UU

Stroke Chart

Item: VR1627UU [4006712]
This poster contains images and useful information about the causes, affects,and possible treatments for strokes. In this chart the anatomy of the brain is detailed along with information on vascular occlusions and hemorrhages. The colorful ... more


Alzheimer's Disease Chart

Item: VR1628UU [4006713]
This colorful anatomical poster details Alzheimer's disease. The causes, diagnosis, and effects of the disease are discussed on the chart. The anatomy poster includes important information about the stages of Alzheimer's and available treatments ... more


Parkinson's Disease Chart

Item: VR1629UU [4006714]
Parkinson's Disease is a life changing condition. This anatomical chart presents useful information about it. Clinical signs, therapy, causes and other information about Parkinson's disease can all be found on this anatomy poster. Included ... more

Headaches Chart,VR1714UU

Headaches Chart

Item: VR1714UU [4006719]
This colorful anatomical poster details Headaches. Related anatomy of the human head is shown in full detail. The chart includes information about causes of headaches and different types of headaches. Printed on premium glossy (200g) paper ... more

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