Anatomy Models, Charts and Posters

Anatomy Models, Charts and Posters

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Anatomy models, charts, posters and software provide the perfect vehicle for your anatomy studies or teaching. Anatomical models from 3B Scientific are high quality products designed and manufactured to exacting German quality standards. The anatomical models include and include human muscle models, individual bone and joint models, spine and vertebrae models, human skulls, full-size and miniature skeletons, dissectible human torso models, brain models, models of the teeth, jaw and dentition, heart and circulatory systems, the human digestive and urinary system, pregnancy and birthing models.

These models are especially valuable to doctors, chiropractors and therapists for patient education and to medical students and biological science teachers for medical and health education. Cast from actual specimens, 3B Scientific human anatomy models are professionally manufactured to exacting medical quality and ISO 9001 validated standards. The 3B Scientific name represents quality materials and development, superior craftsmanship and one of the best product warranties in the industry. You are guaranteed to receive true value from 3B Scientific human anatomy and physiology related products.
Pathological Eye,F17

Pathological Eye

$ 300.00
Item: F17 [1017230]
This model shows an eye enlarged by a factor of 5, which ma be used for patient education. The easy to use switchable and didactilcally simplified representations of the retina and lens make it possible to explain clearly to the patient the ... more

Pulmonary Lobule with Surrounding Blood Vessels,G60

Pulmonary Lobule with Surrounding Blood Vessels

$ 281.00
Item: G60 [1008493]
The model shows an external pulmonary lobe with a magnification of 130x. The following are represented:
  • Segmental bronchus and its terminal branches (bronchioles)
  • Alveolus opened on the right side
  • Pulmonary vessels and their
... more

Segmented Lung,G70

Segmented Lung

$ 895.00
Item: G70 [1008494]
This high quality Segment Lung Model shows the lungs with representation of the bronchial tree close to the heart, trachea, oesophagus and aorta. The Lung is detachable into two lobes and single segments. The segments are colour coded ... more

Male pelvis with ligaments, 2-parts,H21/2

Male pelvis with ligaments, 2-parts

$ 250.00
Item: H21/2 [1013281]
This 3-part model is a natural cast of a male, bone pelvis. It shows all anatomical structures in detail: both hip bones, pubic symphisis, sacrum and coccyx as well as the fifth lumbar vertebra with intervertebral disc. A median section has ... more

Male pelvis with ligaments, vessels, nerves, pelvic floor and organs, 7-parts,H21/3

Male pelvis with ligaments, vessels, nerves, pelvic floor and organs, 7-parts

$ 550.00
Item: H21/3 [1013282]
This 7 part model of the male pelvis shows in accurate detail how the bones, ligaments, vessels and nerves as well as the pelvic floor muscles and the external sex organs are connected to each other. It shows the whole pelvis, through which ... more

Model for Gynecological Patient Education,P53

Model for Gynecological Patient Education

$ 332.00
Item: P53 [1013705]
This unique gynecological training model is ideal for demonstration purposes and for realistic insertion of female barrier contraceptive devices, which are placed in the vaginal/cervical area. These include the femidom, FemCap (cervical cap ... more

Skull with Facial Muscles,A300

Skull with Facial Muscles

$ 280.00
Item: A300 [1013283]
Skull model with face musculature The face and mastication muscles are illustrated on the right half of this skull model. The face musculature can easily and precisely be differentiated from the mastication musculature by using two colours ... more

The Animal Cell STICKYchart™,V1R04S

The Animal Cell STICKYchart

$ 34.00
Item: V1R04S
The highly detailed Animal Cell STICKYchart™ shows the form and structure of a typical animal cell as viewed from an electron microscope. For the purpose of better illustration, all important organelles are displayed in vibrant color ... more

The Plant Cell STICKYchart™,V1R05S

The Plant Cell STICKYchart

$ 34.00
Item: V1R05S
The Plant Cell STICKYchart™ presents the structure of a typical plant cell with cytoplasm and cell organelles, as viewed from an electron microscope. For purposes of better illustration, all important organelles are displayed in color ... more

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