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Biology and Health

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Teachers of the science and health world come to 3B Scientific for our extensive range of science & health education products. Now you can explore an expanded range of biology, healthy lifestyle and chemistry products -- just a click away!
The Animal Cell STICKYchart™,V1R04S

The Animal Cell STICKYchart

$ 34.00
Item: V1R04S
The highly detailed Animal Cell STICKYchart™ shows the form and structure of a typical animal cell as viewed from an electron microscope. For the purpose of better illustration, all important organelles are displayed in vibrant color ... more

The Plant Cell STICKYchart™,V1R05S

The Plant Cell STICKYchart

$ 34.00
Item: V1R05S
The Plant Cell STICKYchart™ presents the structure of a typical plant cell with cytoplasm and cell organelles, as viewed from an electron microscope. For purposes of better illustration, all important organelles are displayed in color ... more

Why PAP Tests Can Save Your Life Easel Display,W43132

Why PAP Tests Can Save Your Life Easel Display

$ 110.00
Item: W43132 [1018296]
Easy-to-understand text combined with six handpainted, realistic cervix models make teaching the importance of regular PAP tests easy. This 3D display is perfect for one-on-one presentations. Comes with a protective felt cover. 9 ... more

Lymph Node Training Model,W43134

Lymph Node Training Model

$ 101.00
Item: W43134 [1018463]
With three enlarged nodes, this BIOLIKE™ model helps teach patients how to check the axillary lymph node region under their arms. Comes with carrying case. more

Osteoporosis Folding Display,W43135

Osteoporosis Folding Display

$ 103.00
Item: W43135
Building strong bones early in life is vital to lessening the effects of osteoporosis later. This folding display explains why calcium and Vitamin D as well as resistance, weight-bearing, and flexibility/balance exercises are important to bone ... more

Testicular Health Tabletop Display,W43137

Testicular Health Tabletop Display

$ 57.00
Item: W43137 [1018412]
Offering detailed information in an easy-to-follow format, this two-panel display is ideal for teaching young men about a variety of testicular conditions. Covers noncancerous conditions, possible warning signs of testicular cancer, and instructions ... more

Facts About Testicular and Prostate Cancer Display,W43138

Facts About Testicular and Prostate Cancer Display

$ 103.00
Item: W43138 [1018413]
This folding display explores testicular and prostate cancer by identifying the risk factors, symptoms, and treatment of each condition. Emphasizes the importance of testicular self-examination and prostate cancer screening. 58" ... more

Prenatal Care Folding Display,W43149

Prenatal Care Folding Display

$ 103.00
Item: W43149
This folding display presents important information about prenatal care. Topics covered include proper care before pregnancy, prenatal visits with a healthcare professional, nutrition, exercise and avoiding hazardous substances. Includes ... more

Prenatal Care Flip Chart,W43150

Prenatal Care Flip Chart

$ 87.00
Item: W43150
This Informative flip chart explains the importance of prenatal care and the stages of fetal development. Ideal for teaching the importance of good health and avoiding hazards during pregnancy. Flip chart features script on reverse panels ... more

Conception to Birth - The Journey of a Lifetime Folding Display,W43151

Conception to Birth - The Journey of a Lifetime Folding Display

$ 103.00
Item: W43151
This popular folding display shows the various development stages: zygote, embryo, fetus and newborn. An ideal educational display for childbirth education classes and healthcare professionals' offices. Includes 25 informative handout mini ... more

Birth Ball Comfort Positions Chart,W43152

Birth Ball Comfort Positions Chart

$ 29.00
Item: W43152
While depicting proper birth ball positions, this informative chart also highlights several advantages to using the birth ball during pregnancy and labor. Laminated. 23" x 35" more

Food Replicas,W44750AP

Food Replicas

From $ 3.00
Item: W44750AP
Life/form® replicas make perfect substitutes to demonstrate perishable real foods! Realistic replicas molded from actual foods. more

Diabetes Nutrition Kit,W44751

Diabetes Nutrition Kit

$ 75.00
Item: W44751
Diabetes affects an estimated 12 to 16 million people in the United States. This teaching kit explains the different types of diabetes. The 30-page resource book defines diabetes mellitus and provides menu guides, exercise suggestions, and ... more

Fast Food Nutrition Kit,W44752

Fast Food Nutrition Kit

$ 112.00
Item: W44752
This kit will help you teach clients to make healthy choices when selecting from a fast food menu. Eleven Life/form® food replicas included in the kit help with portion-size visualization and food identification. Replicas include ... more

How Much Sugar?  Test Tube Display and Foods Kit,W44761

How Much Sugar? Test Tube Display and Foods Kit

$ 150.00
Item: W44761
Demonstrate how much sugar is found in common foods using these dramatic visual aids! Kit includes the How Much Sugar? test tubes, the Life/form® Sugar and Foods Replica Kit with the same foods as the How Much Sugar? display, and resealable ... more

Food Replica Nutrition Guide,W44762

Food Replica Nutrition Guide

$ 13.00
Item: W44762
Provides nutrition information for Life/form® food replicas. Also includes suggested activities for use with the replicas. 36 pages, 11" x 8-1/2". Softcover spiral-bound. Copyright 2006. more

Common Diabetic Foot Problems Tear Pad,W44763

Common Diabetic Foot Problems Tear Pad

$ 10.00
Item: W44763
This tear pad explains common diabetic foot problems in a clear and easy-to-understand format. Just tear off a sheet and send it home with your diabetic client, so they can study and learn how to care for their feet. Emphasizes eating properly ... more

Life/form® Foot Care Kit,W44764

Life/form® Foot Care Kit

$ 87.00
Item: W44764
Includes the following Life/form® kits:
  • Common Foot Problem Display (W44729)
  • Life/form® Unhealthy Foot Care Kit (W44727)
  • Common Diabetic Foot Problems Tear Pad (W44763)

Life/form® Diabetes Mellitus Teaching Kit,W44766

Life/form® Diabetes Mellitus Teaching Kit

$ 100.00
Item: W44766
Explain the signs, symptoms, and health problems associated with diabetes using this 3-D display. Also included in the kit is a 4-page booklet. Subjects include diagnosis, treatment, complications, eyes, kidneys, arteries, and nerves. The model ... more

Life/form® Children

Life/form® Children's Nutrition Kit - Serving Portions for Ages 1-3

$ 90.00
Item: W44773
Serving portions in this Life/form® kit are age appropriate for children ages 1-3 years. Food replicas include: • American cheese, 1-oz. slice • animal crackers, 8 • applesauce, 1/2 cup • bagel, 1 oz ... more

Standard Propylene Pan Only,W496522

Standard Propylene Pan Only

$ 4.50
Item: W496522
For general student use in dissection. The high-density polyethylene pan is:
  • Less expensive than aluminum
  • Won't rust, crack or leak
  • Nonskid pads prevent movement on table
  • Bottom retains shape - does not become rounded
... more

Periodic Table Pen,W56660

Periodic Table Pen

$ 6.00
Item: W56660
The most convenient reference guide avaiable- the Periodic Table Pen. This pen holds a laminated double sided paper thatcontains a periodic table on one side and a reference guide on the other, containing Physical Constants, Gas Laws, Common ... more

Cesarean Layers Model,W99706

Cesarean Layers Model

$ 95.00
Item: W99706
A great hands-on tool for teaching about cesarean delivery, this model stimulates discussion about this major surgery, including the process of a cesarean section as well as the recovery time. Shows seven layers of the abdominal wall and uterus ... more

Empathy Lungs,W99998

Empathy Lungs

$ 795.00
Item: W99998
The Empathy Lungs are unique in that they simulate first hand the shortness of breath and breathlessness of symptoms of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Asthma, and Lung Cancer. When used correctly and for periods of short time ... more

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