Therapy and Fitness

Therapy and Fitness

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Our therapy product selection is designed to fill the needs of today’s therapy professional with top quality products at competitive prices. 3B Scientific offers a diverse range of Electrotherapy and Ultrasound products, Massage tables, Fitness and Rehab products, Kinesiology Tape, Pilates and Yoga equipment.
Pilates Half Moon Barrel,W15131LB

Pilates Half Moon Barrel

From $ 259.00
Item: W15131LB

Alliance Stand Aid w/ Single Locking Seat,W49835S

Alliance Stand Aid w/ Single Locking Seat

$ 1,395.00
Item: W49835S

Alliance Stand-Assist Patient Lift,W49836

Alliance Stand-Assist Patient Lift

$ 2,400.00
Item: W49836

Alliance Stand-Assist Heavy Duty Patient Lift,W49836HD

Alliance Stand-Assist Heavy Duty Patient Lift

$ 3,250.00
Item: W49836HD

Alliance Heavy Duty Battery Powered Patient Lift,W49837

Alliance Heavy Duty Battery Powered Patient Lift

$ 3,100.00
Item: W49837

Alliance Hydraulic Patient Lift,W49838

Alliance Hydraulic Patient Lift

$ 710.00
Item: W49838

Adapta Summit 7-Section Hi-Lo Treatment Table w/ PostureFlex,W49841PF

Adapta Summit 7-Section Hi-Lo Treatment Table w/ PostureFlex

$ 2,795.00
Item: W49841PF

G5® Pro Power ®,W50972

G5® Pro Power ®

$ 545.00
Item: W50972

CryoBlaze Hot/Cold Pack 5 x 10",W60152CB

CryoBlaze Hot/Cold Pack 5 x 10"

$ 2.50
Item: W60152CB

SpiderTech Ankle Applications,W60157BE

SpiderTech Ankle Applications

From $ 5.95
Item: W60157BE [1014049]

SpiderTech Lower Back Applications,W60158BE

SpiderTech Lower Back Applications

From $ 5.95
Item: W60158BE [1014053]

SpiderTech Groin Applications,W60161BE

SpiderTech Groin Applications

From $ 5.95
Item: W60161BE [1014065]

SpiderTech Hamstring Applications,W60162BE

SpiderTech Hamstring Applications

From $ 5.95
Item: W60162BE [1014069]

SpiderTech Hip Applications,W60163BE

SpiderTech Hip Applications

From $ 5.95
Item: W60163BE [1014073]

SpiderTech Knee Full Applications,W60164BE

SpiderTech Knee Full Applications

From $ 5.95
Item: W60164BE [1014077]

SpiderTech Knee Upper Applications,W60165BE

SpiderTech Knee Upper Applications

From $ 5.95
Item: W60165BE [1014081]

SpiderTech Lymphatic Large Applications,W60166BE

SpiderTech Lymphatic Large Applications

From $ 7.65
Item: W60166BE [1014085]

SpiderTech Lymphatic Medium Applications,W60167BE

SpiderTech Lymphatic Medium Applications

From $ 5.95
Item: W60167BE [1014089]

SpiderTech Lymphatic Small Applications,W60168BE

SpiderTech Lymphatic Small Applications

From $ 5.95
Item: W60168BE [1014093]

SpiderTech Neck Applications,W60169BE

SpiderTech Neck Applications

From $ 5.95
Item: W60169BE [1014097]

SpiderTech Postural Applications,W60170BE

SpiderTech Postural Applications

From $ 5.95
Item: W60170BE [1014101]

SpiderTech Shoulder Left Applications,W60171BE

SpiderTech Shoulder Left Applications

From $ 5.95
Item: W60171BE [1014105]

SpiderTech Shoulder Right Applications,W60172BE

SpiderTech Shoulder Right Applications

From $ 5.95
Item: W60172BE [1014109]

SpiderTech Wrist Applications,W60173BE

SpiderTech Wrist Applications

From $ 5.95
Item: W60173BE [1014113]

Teeter EP-950™ Inversion Table,W63050

Teeter EP-950™ Inversion Table

$ 399.00
Item: W63050