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3B Scientific is the intelligent choice for your simulation training needs. Help give patients the best care possible by using invaluable tools for training and practicing difficult procedures in a realistic manner. Whether you are looking for Patient Care Manikins, ALS Trainers, CPR & First Aid Simulation, OB/GYN Trainers, or any of your Medical/Nursing Skills Training – you’ve come to the right place!
Mike and Michelle Pediatric one year CPR and Trauma Care Simulator,W45047

Mike and Michelle Pediatric one year CPR and Trauma Care Simulator

$ 495.00
Item: W45047 [1017541]
Mike is a CPR and trauma care simulator with an automatically accurate representation of a one (1) year-old child. It is a superb training tool for pediatric basic life support. The upper torso of the simulator has life-size lungs, heart and ... more

Multi-Sounds Trainer Adult Kit,W47033

Multi-Sounds Trainer Adult Kit

$ 1,780.00 $ 1,175.00
Item: W47033

Urethral Catheterization,W48393

Urethral Catheterization

$ 201.00 $ 200.00
Item: W48393

Blood Pressure Kit,W48709

Blood Pressure Kit

$ 97.00 $ 72.00
Item: W48709