Optical Lamps on Stem

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Spare Halogen Lamp, 12 V, 50 W,U13735

Spare Halogen Lamp, 12 V, 50 W

$ 4.00
Item: U13735 [1002837]
Spare halogen lamp for lamps (U17140 and U21881). more

Diode Laser (115 V, 50/60 Hz),U16040-115

Diode Laser (115 V, 50/60 Hz)

$ 299.00
Item: U16040-115 [1003006]
Extremely compact light source for experiment set-ups in geometrical and wave optics. Due to its compact design, sophisticated and space-saving configurations can be set up. A laser with all the safety features for both school and practical ... more

Experimental Lamp, Halogen,U17140

Experimental Lamp, Halogen

$ 235.00
Item: U17140 [1003038]
Light source with low-divergence beam for optical experiments. Black-painted metal housing on a stem, with fixture for vertical or horizontal set-up. Halogen lamp: 12 V, 50 W Connection: via 4-mm safety sockets Light aperture: 40 mm dia ... more

Helium-Neon Laser,U21840

Helium-Neon Laser

$ 960.00
Item: U21840 [1003165]
Monochromatic, coherent light source for optical experiments, e.g. on diffraction, interference, and hologram reconstitution. Anodised metal housing with key switch, neutral filter for attenuating beam, 2 stand rods and power supply unit. To ... more

Optical Lamp, Halogen,U21881

Optical Lamp, Halogen

$ 399.00
Item: U21881 [1003188]
Ultra-bright light source for experiments utilizing an optical bench or projection. The lamp consists of a metal housing with a condenser, a movable element for axial light adjustment, a holding stem with a screw mounting, and an integrated ... more

Red Laser Diode, 650 nm,U22000

Red Laser Diode, 650 nm

$ 162.00
Item: U22000 [1003201]
Red light source giving a beam with minimal divergence, housed in a compact and sturdy aluminium body. It is based on a 650 nm class II industrial laser module with a glass collimating lens. Fitted with a 10 mm stainless steel rod. A 100-230V ... more

Laser Module, Green,U22001

Laser Module, Green

$ 322.00
Item: U22001 [1003202]
High performance 532 nm green laser (doubled NdYag). The laser (safety classification II) produces green light ideally suitable for optical demonstrations, as the wavelength is in the range where the human eye has maximum sensitivity. The visibility ... more