Organic Cutie Pi (π) Onesie - Pink

$ 17.00

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If 1 + 1 = 2 is a bit simple for the tot you got - this Cutie Pi (π) Onesie is the perfect addition to their fashion forward - yet geek chic wardrobe. The Cutie Pi (π) Onesie is made of super soft 100% certified organic, ring-spun cotton and allows that little one to be the bold whiz kid during learning time. The clever graphic features the pi symbol (π) with a cherry on top - afterall there's no other way to serve pi! The numerical value of pi is situated below rounded to the 20th decimal place.

Shirt comes packaged with an organic ribbon and cute gift tag.  Proudly made and designed in the USA. 100% organic cotton and 110% the perfect geek gift!


Mathematical Formulas Mug,W64004M

Mathematical Formulas Mug

$ 15.00
Item: W64004M
Try wrapping your head around the Theory of Relativity before morning coffee! Our new mug features twenty of the most popular and imporant mathematical formulas. It holds coffee and makes you look smart, even if you don't understand the ... more

Prime Time Watch,W64001PT

Prime Time Watch

$ 47.00
Item: W64001PT
Another math geek favorite! The Prime Time Watch is a geek-chic watch perfect for any mathematician.  The watch face features various prime numbers on a black background.  This clever yet geeky watch comes in a deluxe gift tin box and ... more

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