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Periodic Table of the Elements, with Pictures,U197051

Periodic Table of the Elements, with Pictures

$ 476.00
Item: U197051 [1013907]
Chart of the periodic table of the elements with pictures of the elements. On strong plasticized material with rods and hanging cord. In four languages. Dimensions: 1950x1530 mm² approx. Languages: English, German, French, Spanish more

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The Blue Marble vinyl Periodic Table,W55762D

The Blue Marble vinyl Periodic Table

$ 30.00 $ 21.00
Item: W55762D
This periodic table is vinyl and huge! Go ahead, just try and tear it, this periodic table is almost as indestructible as the elements themselves.  PLUS it's two posters in one.  We took our most popular poster (Creating a Universe ... more

Periodic Table Pen,W56660

Periodic Table Pen

$ 6.00
Item: W56660
The most convenient reference guide avaiable- the Periodic Table Pen. This pen holds a laminated double sided paper thatcontains a periodic table on one side and a reference guide on the other, containing Physical Constants, Gas Laws, Common ... more