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The Reformer is the most popular piece of Pilate’s equipment. There are many styles of reformers. Some reformers are wood and some are metal. In our Reformer section you will find our new FSC certified wood Reformer, this model is made out of Eucalyptus for the environmentally conscience. We also carry the Aero-Pilates line from Stamina Products.
Stark Reformer,W15402

Stark Reformer

$ 2,995.00
Item: W15402
Reformers promote numerous benefits to improve quality of life, rehabilitation and strengthening and muscle definition. The Stark Reformer was developed from the concepts of modern Pilates, manufactured in carbon steel and eucalyptus wood. ... more

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AeroPilates® with Free-Form Cardio Rebounder,W63301

AeroPilates® with Free-Form Cardio Rebounder

$ 800.00 $ 449.00
Item: W63301
Add all the benefits of cardiovascular fitness to your AeroPilates workout with the AeroPilates with Free-Form Cardio Rebounder. In fact, with the AeroPilates reformer, you will reach and maintain your target heart rate as effectively as ... more

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AeroPilates® Premier Studio,W63302

AeroPilates® Premier Studio

$ 800.00 $ 499.00
Item: W63302
Stamina® AeroPilates ® Premier Studio gives you all the benefits of a studio Pilates workout at home, and adds a cardiovascular workout, too. You'll see a strong, streamlined, flexible body that only Pilates can achieve. The patented Free ... more

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AeroPilates ® Pro XP 556,W63304

AeroPilates ® Pro XP 556

$ 1,200.00 $ 899.00
Item: W63304
The Stamina® AeroPilates® Pro XP556 takes the traditional Pilates workout to the next level. You achieve that long, lean body that only Pilates can give plus you improve your cardiovascular fitness--all with one machine. And the Pro XP 556 ... more

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AeroPilates® Pro XP557,W63305

AeroPilates® Pro XP557

$ 1,500.00 $ 1,299.00
Item: W63305
Stamina® AeroPilates® Pro XP557 is for the person who takes their home Pilates reformer workout seriously. The Pro XP557 was made four inches longer than other reformers to accommodate all heights throughout all Pilates exercises. Four springs ... more