Prime Time Watch

$ 47.00

Item No.

Another math geek favorite!

The Prime Time Watch is a geek-chic watch perfect for any mathematician.  The watch face features various prime numbers on a black background.  This clever yet geeky watch comes in a deluxe gift tin box and features a black leather-like band. This geek gift is sure to please!

Mathematical Formulas Mug,W64004M

Mathematical Formulas Mug

$ 15.00
Item: W64004M
Try wrapping your head around the Theory of Relativity before morning coffee! Our new mug features twenty of the most popular and imporant mathematical formulas. It holds coffee and makes you look smart, even if you don't understand the ... more

Pi Shower Curtain,W49395Pi

Pi Shower Curtain

$ 39.00
Item: W49395Pi
Learn While You Lather! If you asked Sheldon to recite the first 100 digits of pi, he wouldn't.  Not because he was unable but rather because he believes 100 digits is an unacceptably small level of precision suitable only for urban engineering ... more

Sudoku Toilet Roll,W64066

Sudoku Toilet Roll

$ 9.00
Item: W64066
Love Sudoku puzzles but often get them wrong? Now you can flush away the evidence with this fun Sudoku toilet paper! more

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