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InTONE ® Folding Recumbent Bike,W63066

InTONE ® Folding Recumbent Bike

$ 250.00 $ 199.00
Item: W63066
Stamina's InTONE Folding Recumbent Bike gives you a low-impact cardio workout yet fits almost anywhere. With a footprint of just 40" x 25", it fits in most any workout area. And when you aren't using the InTONE Folding Recumbent Bike, it folds ... more

Magnetic Recumbent 1350 Exercise Bike,W63068

Magnetic Recumbent 1350 Exercise Bike

$ 250.00
Item: W63068
The Stamina® Magnetic Recumbent 1350 Bike gives you a great cardio workout in the convenience of your home. The workout is smooth and quiet so you can watch television or listen to music while you work out, and you'll never be bored with ... more

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Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike,W63070

Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike

$ 330.00 $ 265.00
Item: W63070
The Stamina Programmable Magnetic 4825 bike with its walk-thru design is easy to get on and off. Its adjustable, padded, molded seat with seatback keeps you in the correct position while you exercise so you get the best workout possible. ... more

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Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike,W63072

Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike

$ 1,200.00 $ 799.00
Item: W63072
The Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike is designed to put you in a semi-reclined position so you work all the major muscles in your hips, thighs, and buttocks while you get a great cardiovascular workout. And the Elite Total Body Recumbent ... more

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Conversion II ® Recumbent Bike/ Rower,W63083

Conversion II ® Recumbent Bike/ Rower

$ 1,200.00 $ 799.00
Item: W63083
Rowing is widely recognized with trainers and fitness experts as one of the best all around activities for cardiovascular fitness and strength. Rowing is an efficient, effective total body workout that utilizes all major muscle groups including ... more

Monark Recumbent Cardio Comfort Bike 837E,W64633

Monark Recumbent Cardio Comfort Bike 837E

$ 2,599.00
Item: W64633
The new Monark Cardio Comfort 837 E is based on Monark’s classic concept, combining quality, comfort and function. Low step, smart solutions and an attractive design provide a recumbent for health care and rehabilitation. Good choice ... more

R8 Recumbent Cycle, Light Commercial,W66571

R8 Recumbent Cycle, Light Commercial

$ 1,899.00
Item: W66571
The R8 Recumbent Cycle offers a convenient walk-through design. This allows users to position themselves comfortably in the seat without having to straddle a high frame support. Combined with ergonomics, expert workmanship and backed by a light ... more

RS5 Recumbent Cycle,W66572

RS5 Recumbent Cycle

$ 1,599.00
Item: W66572
The ultimate in comfort, the RS5 Recumbent Cycle features a comfortable reclining mesh seat back that provides a custom fit for all users, convenient fingertip controls, and a spacious walk through design for easy entry and exit. Our award ... more

LK 540 Recumbent Cycle, Commercial Grade,W66573

LK 540 Recumbent Cycle, Commercial Grade

$ 1,999.00
Item: W66573
All new for 2012, this recumbent cycle will set a new standard for light commercially rated equipment. The LK540 Recumbent Cycle, incorporates innovative features from our award winning RS Series models, packed into a commercial grade design ... more

LK 570 Hybrid Recumbent Cycle, Commercial Grade,W66574

LK 570 Hybrid Recumbent Cycle, Commercial Grade

$ 2,199.00
Item: W66574
This Light commercial Hybrid bike offers the best of both worlds and performs like no other. This Hybrid bike reduces the stress on your joints while allowing for ease in entry and exit. This bike has a wide variety of light commercial applications ... more

SK 8400 Recumbent Cycle,W66575

SK 8400 Recumbent Cycle

$ 3,599.00
Item: W66575
As a part of our premium commercial line, the SK line is like no other in the market. With automotive grade paints on both plastics and steel parts, sleek styling, and uncompromised components, the new SK8400 will set the new standard of what ... more

RS3 Recumbent Cycle,W66583

RS3 Recumbent Cycle

$ 1,399.00
Item: W66583
The RS3 is an open walk-through design that allows for easy entry and exit of the machine. Designed around comfort, this recumbent bike features a mesh back seat to keep you cool during your workout. Our award winning line of residential ... more

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