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InStride® Pro Electronic Stepper,W63089

InStride® Pro Electronic Stepper

$ 120.00
Item: W63089
For a great cardiovascular workout when you are limited on space, InStride® Pro Electronic Stepper is the solution. The InStride Pro Electronic Stepper weighs just 20 pounds and has a footprint of only 12 wide x 16" long, so you can use your ... more

SpaceMate® Folding Stepper,W63090

SpaceMate® Folding Stepper

$ 220.00
Item: W63090
SpaceMate Folding Stepper not only gives a great low-impact, calorie burning, cardiovascular workout, but tones the calves, buttocks, thighs, and hips, too. The SpaceMate Folding Stepper gives a workout comparable to the larger more expensive ... more

SK 8000 Stepper,W66576

SK 8000 Stepper

$ 4,599.00
Item: W66576
As part of our premium full commercial line, the SK line is like no other in the market. With automotive grade paints on both plastics and steel parts, sleek styling, and uncompromised components, the new SK2000 Stepper will set the new standard ... more