UFO's and Aliens

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Space Coaster,W64064

Space Coaster

$ 43.00
Item: W64064
With the ingenious Space Coaster, you can build a spectacular, gravity-defying rollercoaster for... marbles! Features white-knuckle turns, motorized elevator, and a loop-the-loop. Creates the perfect hand-on geek gift. The fun just keeps on ... more

Ice Attacks Ice Tray,W64516UFO

Ice Attacks Ice Tray

$ 11.00
Item: W64516UFO
It's an Ice Attack! These UFO and meteor shaped ice cubes have popped free of their silicone ice tray in a galaxy far, far away to coldly go where no ice has gone before. Ice Attacks Ice Trays are molded from super-strong, dish-washer safe ... more

Raygun Mustard Bottle Dispenser,W64551M

Raygun Mustard Bottle Dispenser

$ 16.00
Item: W64551M
This Raygun Mustard Bottle brings the vintage space fantasy and childhood to your table. The Raygun Mustard Bottle is the perfect geek gift to treat your own "Captain Mustard." What's more geeky and perfect than a handy sauce dispenser shaped ... more

Alien Oven Mitt - Greetings Earthling!,W64703A

Alien Oven Mitt - Greetings Earthling!

$ 12.00
Item: W64703A
This geeky oven mitt transforms an everyday task into an out the world experience! Even if your baking isn't out of this world, your presentation sure will be. This alien oven mitt has come from outer space to protect your hand. Give this ... more