Urinary and Sexual Organs

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Female Pelvis, 2 part,PP-H10

Female Pelvis, 2 part

Item: PP-H10
This female pelvis is in median section. This female anatomy model shows one half of the female genital organs with bladder and removable rectum. The female pelvis is delivered on baseboard offering the possibility to be mounted to the wall ... more

Male Pelvis, 2 part,PP-H11

Male Pelvis, 2 part

Item: PP-H11
The male pelvis anatomy model is shown in median section. One half of male genital organs with bladder is shown at the normal position in the male pelvis. The rectum is removable for a more detailed study of the male pelvic anatomy. This high ... more

Male Pelvis Section, 1/2 life size,PP-H12

Male Pelvis Section, 1/2 life size

Item: PP-H12
This cross section of the male genital organs shows all structures in detail. It is a realistic replica of the anatomy of the male pelvis. more

Basic Kidney Section, 3 times full-size,PP-K09

Basic Kidney Section, 3 times full-size

Item: PP-K09
The kidney section, colorful and anatomically accurate, model depicts a longitudinal section of the human right kidney. All important structures of the human kidney for student and patient education are shown. The kidney is three times life ... more

Kidney with Adrenal Gland, 2 part,PP-K12

Kidney with Adrenal Gland, 2 part

Item: PP-K12
This high quality human kidney model shows:
  • Kidney with adrenal gland
  • Renal and adrenal vessels of the kidney
  • Upper portion of ureter for the human kidney
The front half of the kidney is removable to enable demonstration ... more

Kidneys with Vessels - 2 Part,PP-K22/1

Kidneys with Vessels - 2 Part

Item: PP-K22/1
This kidney model shows the kidneys with suprarenal glands, the outgoing ureters, the renal vessels and the large vessels situated close to the kidneys in natural size. The front half of the right kidney can be removed to reveal the renal ... more

Kidney Stone Model,PP-K29

Kidney Stone Model

Item: PP-K29
The kidney stone model is a helpful tool to inform patients about kidney stones (nephrolithiasis) and urinary stones (urolithiasis). Shown in the kidney stone model is an opened right kidney in natural size. The renal calices, the renal pelvis ... more

Prostate Model, 1/2 natural size,PP-K41

Prostate Model, 1/2 natural size

Item: PP-K41
This prostate model provides a cross section of the male genital organs showing a healthy prostate with bladder, urethra, testicle, symphysis and rectum. The narrowing of the urethra due to the change of the prostate is made clear via the 4 ... more

Breast Self Examination model, three single breasts on base,PP-L55

Breast Self Examination model, three single breasts on base

Item: PP-L55
Very realistic natural casting of three different female breasts in C and D cups, to train and practice breast examination. • Made of new 3B SKINlike™ high-quality silicone • Displays the skin in finest detail • Very ... more

Single Breast Model with Benign Tumor,PP-L55/1

Single Breast Model with Benign Tumor

Item: PP-L55/1
Model of a woman’s breast made of 3B SKINlike™ silicone with simulated benign tumor for the demonstration of ultrasonic B-image mode. more

Clinical Breast Trainer,PP-W19340

Clinical Breast Trainer

Item: PP-W19340
This Trainer combines modularity and practicality for clinical skills in diagnosis and palpation.
  • Five identifiable anatomical anomalies.
  • Fluid filled cyst for aspiration and palpation
  • 2 palpable lumps (approx. 1 cm and
... more

The Urinary Tract - Anatomy and Physiology,VR1514UU

The Urinary Tract - Anatomy and Physiology

Item: VR1514UU [4006698]
The anatomy of physiology of the human urinary tract is illustrated on this colorful anatomical chart. The microanatomy of the renal corpuscle, cortex and medulla are included. The anatomy poster includes other useful information about the ... more

Kidney Chart,VR1515UU

Kidney Chart

Item: VR1515UU [4006699]
This colorful anatomical poster depicts the human kidneys in detail. The basic function and anatomy of the kidneys are included in this chart. The poster also gives information on some common pathologies of the kidney. Printed on premium glossy ... more

The Prostate Gland chart,VR1528UU

The Prostate Gland chart

Item: VR1528UU [4006700]
This colorful anatomical chart illustrates the human prostate gland in full detail. The detailed anatomy illustration is accompanied by important information relating to the prostate gland including the effects of hormones and the shape and ... more

The Female Genital Organs Chart,VR1532UU

The Female Genital Organs Chart

Item: VR1532UU [4006701]
This colorful anatomical chart details the anatomy of the female genital organs. The important anatomical structures are pictured and labeled. The microanatomy of the ovaries and other areas of the female genital organs are also displayed in ... more