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Demonstration Aneroid Barometer,U10260

Demonstration Aneroid Barometer

$ 226.00
Item: U10260 [1002627]
Barometer for measuring air pressure and demonstrating how an aneroid barometer operates. The measurement system consists of two flat, highly-evacuated metal cans which deform in response to changes in the air pressure. This deformation is ... more

Infrared Temperature and Humidity Gauge,U11819

Infrared Temperature and Humidity Gauge

$ 186.00 $ 176.00
Item: U11819 [1002795]
Digital measuring device for contact-free temperature measurement from large distances, e.g. of hot or moving objects or inaccessible points of measurement, and for simultaneous humidity display. With laser diode as detection aid, integrated ... more

Precision Hair Hygrometer,U14293

Precision Hair Hygrometer

$ 47.00
Item: U14293 [1002877]
Hygrometer for measuring the relative air humidity, consisting of a round plastic housing with a synthetic hair as the measuring element. The specially treated hair exhibits an almost inertia-free response to changes in humidity. Wall-mountable ... more

Digital Hygro-Thermometer,U16102

Digital Hygro-Thermometer

$ 72.00
Item: U16102 [1003011]
Digital measuring device for displaying exterior and interior temperature and humidity. With min/max function and acoustic signal if exterior temperature drops to or below zero, switchable between °C and °F, on/off button, eyelet for ... more

Aneroid Barometer F,U29948

Aneroid Barometer F

$ 15.00
Item: U29948 [1010232]
Aneroid Barometer in a metallic box with altitude adjustment screw at the rear. Graduations in mm of mercury and hPa. Diameter of the dial: 98 mm more

Humidity+Temperature Chart Recorder,U40143

Humidity+Temperature Chart Recorder

$ 299.00
Item: U40143
  • Simultaneous numerical and graphical display of Humidity and Temperature readings, plus Time and Date
  • Measures Humidity (10 to 95%RH) and Temperature (-20.0°F to 140.0°F) plus calculates Dew Point
  • Large
... more

Mini Thermo-Anemometer + Humidity,U40185

Mini Thermo-Anemometer + Humidity

$ 155.00
Item: U40185
  • Measuring range 100 to 5500feet/min
  • Choice of readings in feet/min, meters/second, kM/hour, MPH or knots
  • Rugged water resistant housing floats
Waterproof and pocket-size the device displays air velocity and either relative ... more

Analog Barometer,U49354

Analog Barometer

$ 46.00
Item: U49354
This wall mountable barometer will allow you to predict tomorrow's weather or check the ambient pressure before starting your experiment. A brass housing and classic design make the barometer usable in a lab or at home. Range: 27.5 to ... more