Cell Divisions

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Mitosis model,R01/1

Mitosis model

$ 405.00
Item: R01/1 [1013868]
This newly developed 3B Scientific ® model series shows the following 9 phases of mitosis on the basis of a typical mammal cell at an enlargement of approx. 10,000 times: 1. Interphase 2. Prophase 3. Early prometaphase 4. Later prometaphase ... more

Meiosis Model,R02/1

Meiosis Model

$ 445.00
Item: R02/1 [1013869]
This newly developed 3B Scientific® meiosis model series shows the 10 stages of meiosis on the basis of a typical mammal cell at an enlargement of approximately 10,000 times. The detailed stages of meiosis: 1. Interphase (stage of ... more

Embryonic Development Model in 12 stages,VG391

Embryonic Development Model in 12 stages

$ 567.00
Item: VG391 [1001257]
The model represents the development of the human germ cells from fertilisation until the end of the 2nd month of pregnancy in 12 stages. Each stage can be removed from the common stand as an individual part and can be purposefully used for ... more

Meiosis, 10 Models,W19203

Meiosis, 10 Models

$ 424.00
Item: W19203 [1005126]
With 10 models the stages of meiosis are explained. Supplied with teacher's aid in English. more

Mitosis Model Activity Set,W40219

Mitosis Model Activity Set

$ 140.00
Item: W40219 [1005484]
Illustrate somatic cell division with this informative model. Enlarged views detail five phases of mitosis. Includes: cytoplasm nucleus, nucleolus, chromatic threads, centrioles, aser, spindle, chromosomes and centromere. Description ... more

Meiosis Model Activity Set,W40220

Meiosis Model Activity Set

$ 140.00
Item: W40220 [1005485]
Help explain individual human characteristics and genetic differences. Visualization and understanding of meiotic cell division are promoted through enlarged views of chromosomes, cytoplasm and chromatic and polar bodies. Description ... more