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Build A Better Breakfast Display,W43249

Build A Better Breakfast Display

$ 124.00
Item: W43249
Combining a tabletop display with ten faux breakfast foods, this display is perfect for any nutrition program. The tabletop display covers the importance of eating breakfast and lists foods that are healthy choices and foods to limit. Faux ... more

How to Gain 5 Pounds in 30 Days Display,W43264

How to Gain 5 Pounds in 30 Days Display

$ 114.00
Item: W43264
When people's food choices cause them to exceed their daily calorie needs, weight gain results. This unique display shows how consuming two 12-oz soft drinks and one candy bar a day for 30 days can lead to a 5-pound weight gain. Includes ... more

Fat Chance: A Closer Look At Fast Food Display,W43266

Fat Chance: A Closer Look At Fast Food Display

$ 181.00
Item: W43266
Award Winner! Fast food may be quick and convenient, but many popular fast-food items are also high in fat. This innovative display combines ten food models with ten corresponding test tubes that provide a graphic representation of the saturated ... more

Food Replicas Starter Kit,W44653

Food Replicas Starter Kit

$ 216.00
Item: W44653
Kit contains foods from all six food groups. 27 pcs. more

3-D Pyramid with Life/form® Great Food Kit & Carrying Case,W44689C

3-D Pyramid with Life/form® Great Food Kit & Carrying Case

$ 542.00
Item: W44689C
There is no better way to describe this kit – it’s “GREAT”! With a total of 49 Life/form® food replicas representing the five food groups and fats, you can have participants arrange an entire day’s dietary ... more

Inflatable Food Pyramid,W44690

Inflatable Food Pyramid

$ 35.00
Item: W44690
Based on the 2005 USDA Food Guidance System this is the greatest pyramid teaching aid you will ever find particularly when it comes to transportation and storage! At 17” tall with a 20” square base that is heavy enough for full ... more

Fruit & Vegetable Rainbow Foods Kit,W44691

Fruit & Vegetable Rainbow Foods Kit

$ 245.00
Item: W44691
Create a rainbow with Life/form® food replicas! A colorful, unique offering of 14 vegetables and 21 fruits. Use this kit for food recognition, portion control and general nutrition education. Great for all ages. Kit includes the following ... more

Food Replicas,W44750AP

Food Replicas

From $ 3.00
Item: W44750AP
Life/form® replicas make perfect substitutes to demonstrate perishable real foods! Realistic replicas molded from actual foods. more

Diabetes Nutrition Kit,W44751

Diabetes Nutrition Kit

$ 75.00
Item: W44751
Diabetes affects an estimated 12 to 16 million people in the United States. This teaching kit explains the different types of diabetes. The 30-page resource book defines diabetes mellitus and provides menu guides, exercise suggestions, and ... more

Fast Food Nutrition Kit,W44752

Fast Food Nutrition Kit

$ 112.00
Item: W44752
This kit will help you teach clients to make healthy choices when selecting from a fast food menu. Eleven Life/form® food replicas included in the kit help with portion-size visualization and food identification. Replicas include ... more

How Much Sugar?  Test Tube Display and Foods Kit,W44761

How Much Sugar? Test Tube Display and Foods Kit

$ 150.00
Item: W44761
Demonstrate how much sugar is found in common foods using these dramatic visual aids! Kit includes the How Much Sugar? test tubes, the Life/form® Sugar and Foods Replica Kit with the same foods as the How Much Sugar? display, and resealable ... more

Food Replica Nutrition Guide,W44762

Food Replica Nutrition Guide

$ 13.00
Item: W44762
Provides nutrition information for Life/form® food replicas. Also includes suggested activities for use with the replicas. 36 pages, 11" x 8-1/2". Softcover spiral-bound. Copyright 2006. more

Life/form® Children

Life/form® Children's Nutrition Kit - Serving Portions for Ages 1-3

$ 95.00
Item: W44773
Serving portions in this Life/form® kit are age appropriate for children ages 1-3 years. Food replicas include: • American cheese, 1-oz. slice • animal crackers, 8 • applesauce, 1/2 cup • bagel, 1 oz ... more

3-D Pyramid with 2005 Food Guidelines Kit & Carrying Case,W99972

3-D Pyramid with 2005 Food Guidelines Kit & Carrying Case

$ 446.00
Item: W99972
Emphasizing key points in the USDA Guidelines released in January 2005, this kit features added fiber and plenty of fruits and vegetables, plus it incorporates salmon with omega 3 fatty acids. The discretionary calories are kept to a minimum ... more