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Why We Couldn't Delay our ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Any Longer 2014 Aug 28

Unless you’ve been avoiding all forms of media recently, you can’t fail to have noticed the viral spread of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Accepting the challenge and then nominating 3 others to tip ice cold water over your head seems a rather innocuous way to spend a few moments of your day. But until ... more

The Happiness Blanket - Reading Brainwaves not Thoughts 2014 Aug 15

What if you could actually see what your customers were feeling. That was the idea behind the recent partnership between British Airways and neurofeedback technology companies MyndPlay and NeuroSky. British Airways recently tested out a headset that, coupled to specially designed blanket with fibre ... more

Are you a devilish Leftie? 2014 Aug 13

Left handed people have, throughout history, been regarded at best as rather odd and at worst as evil and in league with the devil! In fact, the word “sinister” is derived from the Latin word for ‘left’. But are left handed people using their brains differently to right handed people? The work of neuropsychologist ... more
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