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Why Do Leaf-Peepers and Scientists Love This Time of Year? 2014 Oct 20

This time of year can be spectacular if you live in the Northern Hemisphere. (You’ll have to wait till April/May for your turn if you live in the Southern Hemisphere). Whilst the temperatures may be starting to fall and daylight hours are shortening, Nature makes up for the gentle slide into Winter ... more

Turning the Spotlight on Male Breast Cancer 2014 Oct 15

Most of the conversations and campaigns around Breast Cancer are aimed at women but men can also be affected. Although rare, men can get Breast Cancer and the American Cancer Society estimates that around 2,360 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in 2014. Sadly, about 430 men will ... more

6 Terrifying Surgical Instruments You'll be Glad aren't Used Today! 2014 Oct 10

It’s difficult to imagine a time before we could reach for an aspirin to relieve a nagging headache or antibiotics for a sinus infection. Not that long ago, treatment of a patient was often the best opportunity for doctors to research and practice incredibly dangerous and painful procedures, even for ... more
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