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10 Simple Steps to Becoming a Great Yoga Teacher 2014 Jul 25

There are over 20.4 million Americans who practice yoga today, which is more than a 29% increase since the figures were analysed for a 2008 study. If you’ve enjoyed the benefits of yoga, you may have got to the stage where you’re thinking that perhaps it’s time to take things one step further. Becoming ... more

Do we need to reassess animal emotion and intelligence? 2014 Jul 25

What kind of emotions do animals feel? Indeed, can animals feel emotions at all? From early on in their studies, biologists are warned against anthropomorphism – attributing human emotions to animals. Yet, many of us have will seen the way a pet dog greets their owner after a period of separation or ... more

It's In The Blood 2014 Jul 15

We’ve already seen what a complicated substance blood is (see our blog “A Bloody Miracle”), but did you know that there are some 32 blood groups and that over 600 blood-group antigens have been identified? Some of these are very rare, and some are largely restricted to certain ethnic groups. Which blood ... more
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