Stall Bars

$ 275.00

21.4 kg
47.18 lb
240 x 11 x 93 cm
94.5 x 4.3 x 36.6 in
3B Scientific
Item No.
W15145 [1005029]

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Stall Bars are a versatile piece of equipment perfect for sports medicine clinics, gyms, physical therapy clinics, and hospitals alike. Users can perform shoulder range of motion exercise from a sitting or standing position. Top rungs are designed for chin-ups or pull-ups.


Stall Bars are made from eucalyptus wood and coated in an anti-humidity sealer. Dowels are 1.5" in diameter. Weight capacity 250 lbs.


Cando Plyometric Weighted Ball, red, 3.3 lbs,W40122

Cando Plyometric Weighted Ball, red, 3.3 lbs

$ 13.50
Item: W40122 [1008994]
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Cando® Exercise Tubing, 100 Ft., Green/medium, Latex Free,W54248

Cando® Exercise Tubing, 100 Ft., Green/medium, Latex Free

$ 50.00
Item: W54248 [1009066]
Exercise tubing can be used wherever the exercise resistance therapy is done. In addition, it can be used for fingers and other extremities where smaller exercise material is needed for exercise resistance therapy. Each Cando exercise tube ... more

Folding Parallel Bars, 7

Folding Parallel Bars, 7'

$ 665.00
Item: W50819
Bailey Basics are six products we manufacture to a standard size and in a single color. We will have them ready to ship in 3 business days. Thus, we offer you a practical solution to your equipment budget problem. Model BB9957 - Folding Parallel ... more

Hausmann 1318 Folding Parallel Bars, 9 ft.,W42717

Hausmann 1318 Folding Parallel Bars, 9 ft.

$ 791.00
Item: W42717
Hausmann Folding Parallel bars 9 foot. These folding parallel bars feature: • Designed to easily fold to save space. • Unit is only 10" wide when folded. • Height adjustable from 28" to 41". • Fixed width dimension of ... more

Stall Bars,W50772

Stall Bars

$ 398.00
Item: W50772
A versatile piece of equipment that is ideal for sports medicine clinics, gyms, schools and hospitals. Exercises to improve the range of motion in shoulders can be performed from either sitting or standing position. The top rungs are designed ... more

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