Teeter EP-950™ Inversion Table

$ 399.00

30.84 kg
68 lb
121.9 x 66.0 x 154.9 cm
48 x 26 x 61 in
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“Through a regular program of inversion, I have not only found relief for my back pain, I have maintained youthful function in my joints – I am in my 70’s and I am still running and surfing – aren’t you curious what inversion can do for you?” -- Roger Teeter

In just a few minutes a day, you can experience natural relief of back pain, improved joint health, and renewed energy and flexibility. If you are looking for a natural, in-home solution to a healthier back, try inversion – if you value quality, put your trust in Teeter Hang Ups.

Achieve a better back, better bodyTM with Teeter Hang Ups.

• Re-hydrate discs to expedite repair for better shock absorption and flexibility

• Reduce nerve pressure

• Realign weight-bearing skeleton

• Relax tense muscles

• Improve joint flexibility and range of movement

Product Specifications:

• Height capacity: 4’8” - 6’6"

• Weight capacity: 300 lb.

• Assembled dimensions: 48 x 27 x 61”

Product Features:

• Ratchet Ankle Lock System: The extended handle for the ankle lock system provides an easy-to-reach solution in addition to its triple lock security feature.

• EZ Stretch Traction Handles™: With the muscles in your lower back relaxed, pushing on the handles can help to increase traction and enhance your stretching experience. The handles can also be used as a tool for intermittent traction and oscillation.

• Over EZ Handles™: Larger padded support handles assist during inversion and ascent

• Pre-set Rotation Control: The EZ AngleTM Tether Strap is a unique feature that allows pre-set angles at 20, 40 or 60 degrees and provides an easy guide to where the benefits of inversion begin and are fully realized

• Over-Sized Medical Grade Frame

• Advanced Secrets to a Better Back: DVD bonus material includes five 10-15 minute exercise and stretching Healthy Back Classes by Dr. Shawn, including Good Morning (wake up and warm up your spine), Strength & Stretch (build your core muscles), Posture Correction (look better and function better), Gym Ball (specialize core building class), Inversion Table (to receive the maximum benefits from your inversion table). *NOTE: The EP-950 cannot be adapted for use with Gravity Boots

• Easy Assembly: 95% pre-assembled with less than ¼ the average number of parts of other inversion tables; includes tools for assembly and DVD guide

• Quick Storage: Folds in just a few seconds to 28 x 16 x 66"

• Value Added: All Teeter inversion tables come with a laminated Owner’s Manual attached to the frame for quick-reference and an Instructional DVD to guide you through assembly and use.

• Product Guarantee: Teeter, a Better Business Bureau A+ rated company, exceeds industry standards with its full 5-year product warranty. Teeter’s 30-day money back guarantee allows you the freedom to experience what Teeter Hang Ups can do for you.

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