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Visualization – Learning Physics In Real Terms 2015 Feb 27

Classrooms around the world are full of students desperately seeking ways to remember facts and figures important for when they are finally tested on their knowledge of their chosen subject. Science is such that it requires a high depth of understanding and an ability to demonstrate knowledge of multiple ... more

Common Health Issues in Men 2015 Feb 24

More boys than girls are born each year in the US. However, the lifespan of women continues to improve on that of men. In 1920, women only outlived men by one year, on average, compared to over five years now - And, out of the 15 main causes of death in the US, men are top of the table on 14 of these ... more

Building Trust For Sensitive Health Issues 2015 Feb 19

Health can be a sensitive subject for people of any age or culture and initiating a conversation with a doctor about embarrassing or perceived taboo health issues can be difficult for patients. Physicians and specialists, such as gynaecologists, are there to help on all matters of health but are they ... more