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Could This Be The Biggest Breakthrough for Alzheimer's Disease? 2015 Sep 25

It has been an exciting time for scientists in search of a cure for Alzheimer’s, as several recent unrelated experiments bring discoveries that could result in new drugs to slow down or prevent this life destroying disease. Alzheimer disease affects *46.8 million people worldwide, with **5.3 million ... more

World Heart Day 2015 - How Heart-Healthy is Your Environment? 2015 Sep 22

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD’s) and strokes remain the leading cause of death globally. A 2015 report by American Heart Association (AHA) confirms previous estimates by the World Heath Organization (WHO) and other leading heart-health researchers that 17.3 million people die each year worldwide from ... more

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month - You Can Help Too! 2015 Sep 14

The impact of childhood cancer on a family can naturally be devastating. The innocence of childhood play, lost forever in hospitals, and even for those fortunate survivors, the after effects of this terrible disease means adult life, often, will never be the same. In the US alone, each year, almost ... more