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Collaborative Learning Versus “Chalk and Talk” 2016 Apr 26

For as long as we have had schools and universities, there has been a debate raging about the most effective ways of learning. Educational styles fall in and out of fashion, and one of the most common complaints by parents is that they don’t recognise the ways in which their children are being taught ... more

Is Using Real Bodies The Only Way to Teach Anatomy? 2016 Apr 08

In recent years, newspapers in the UK, Germany and North America have been reporting an unexpected problem for medical schools. The rising cost of a funeral, which can run to as much as $10,000 US, is prompting more people than ever to consider donating their bodies to medical science after they die ... more

Growing Public Awareness of The Need For CPR Training 2016 Apr 06

Would you know what do to if someone suffered a cardiac arrest? A recent survey by the American Heart Association found that 70% of people would feel helpless if they were first on the scene, either because they have never been shown what to do to keep someone alive until the emergency services can ... more