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Superpowers - Do They Really Exist? 2016 Jul 21

Throughout history, humans have been obsessed with the idea that some of us have superpowers. Fairy tales and legends are all about witchcraft, people who can fly, see through solid walls or turn into animals. More recently, the cinemas have been full of films featuring Batman, Spiderman or the Avengers ... more

Formaldehyde as a Carcinogen – How Do We Protect Medical Students? 2016 Jul 11

Formaldehyde has long been used as an effective preservative on cadavers, either by undertakers as part of the embalming process, or by hospitals or universities which need to preserve whole bodies or organs for lengthy periods of time, as the chemicals delay the natural process of decay. As well as ... more

Will The Sugar Tax Help Reduce Obesity Levels? 2016 Jul 08

More than a few eyebrows were raised when the UK Chancellor, George Osborne, announced in March that he would be taxing the soft drinks industry. Although the move had public support and celebrity backing from the likes of world famous Chef Jamie Oliver, there was more scepticism from the scientific ... more