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Post Pregnancy – How the Marvellous Human Body Adapts 2015 Nov 17

Pregnancy, and giving birth, is a roller coaster of a ride, which affects women in many different ways. However, the human body is designed to be pretty much perfect in every way and pregnancy is no exception. Many fundamental changes take place in a woman’s body during pregnancy; some are visible, ... more

Is Gymnastics “Fantastic” or “Drastic”? 2015 Nov 12

To celebrate the recent National Gymnastics day, we take a look at how gymnastics affects the human body in both the short and long term? Do the health benefits outweigh the potential dangers? And is this a sport to be encouraged amongst the young US population, or one to be avoided? Benefits to the ... more

The Power of Solar Energy - Are You On Board? 2015 Nov 09

The reality that our excessive and continual consumption of fossil fuels is slowly but surely causing devastating effects on planet Earth, is sinking in. Small pockets of global economies are simultaneously recognizing the potential of natural resources, wind, solar and water, in harnessing energy in ... more