3B Birthing Stages Trainer

3B Birthing Stages Trainer, 1020628 [P94], Options
3B Birthing Stages Trainer, 1020628 [P94], Options
3B Birthing Stages Trainer, 1020628 [P94], Options
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Trainees and students in midwifery and obstetrics can practice correctly assessing the progress of the birth by palpating, using the birth stages trainer. By practicing on the birth stages trainer, the standard of clinical practice in midwifery and obstetrics can be considerably improved.

The trainer consists of a set of 6 inserts that show the level of cervical dilation and effacing. The inserts can be used both as stand-alone trainers and as an extension module for birth simulator P90. The inserts look the same from the outside, but indicate, using a number code on the back, the condition of the cervix on the inside.

The following levels and birth stages are shown:
  • Insert no. 1: Cervix closed (0.5 cm), level -2
  • Insert no. 2: Cervix open 2 cm, level -2
  • Insert no. 3: Cervix open 3 cm, half effaced, level -2
  • Insert no. 4: Cervix open 5 cm, effaced, level -1
  • Insert no. 5: Cervix open 7 cm, effaced, level -1
  • Insert no. 6: Cervix open 9 cm, effaced, level 0
Delivery contents:
  • 6 birth stage inserts
  • Safety plate with 4 screws (for the optional insert in birth simulator P90)
  • Lubricant
  • Carry bag

Product Data

Item No. 1020628 [P94]
Weight 12.35 lb
Brand 3B Scientific

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Item No.: 1020628 [P94]
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