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Watching a video says more than any product description could, so please browse the extensive collection of demonstration and 3B Scientific® product videos here. We are constantly working on getting you more videos to watch, so if you are missing something here or have any questions that were not answered, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help you!

B40 - Deluxe Dual Sex Muscle Torso, 31-part

C18 - Classic Brain, 5 part

U10120 - Tuning Forks Kit (440 Hz)

U10365 - Heat Equivalent Apparatus

U104001 - Critical Point Apparatus

U14090 - Cartesian Diver

U49327 - Simple Stirling Engine

U8403950 - Variable g Pendulum

U8491500 - Electrostatic Equipment Set

V12049S - Mitosis STICKYchart™

V12049SI - Mitosis Interactive STICKYchart

V12051S - Meiosis STICKYchart

V12051SI - Meiosis Interactive STICKYchart

V1R04S - The Animal Cell STICKYchart

V1R05S - The Plant Cell STICKYchart

VA01 - Life size Male Muscular Figure, 37-part

VR1113S - Human Skeleton STICKYchart

VR1118S - Human Musculature STICKYchart

VR1131S - Human Skull STICKYchart™

VR1152S - Spinal Column STICKYchart

VR1171S - Hand and Wrist STICKYchart

VR1174S - Knee Joint STICKYchart

VR1188S - Sports Injury STICKYchart

VR1283S - Skin STICKYchart

VR1322S - Respiratory System STICKYchart

VR1328S - Asthma STICKYchart

VR1334S - Human Heart STICKYchart

VR1353S - Vascular System STICKYchart

VR1359S - Clinically Important Blood Vessels and Nerve Pathways STICKYchart™

VR1361S - Hypertension STICKYchart

VR1615S - Human Brain STICKYchart™

VR1620S - Nervous System STICKYchart

VR1621S - Spinal Nerves STICKYchart

VR1670S - DNA - Human Genotype STICKYchart

VR1722S - Flu (Influenza) STICKYchart™