Anatomical charts and posters from 3B Scientific are ideal for teaching, patient education and medical studies! More than 80 titles of anatomical charts are available in 5 languages and both in paper and laminated versions. The most popular anamical chart titles include the human skeleton and muscle, eyes, ears, heart, lungs, nerves and diseases, including diabetes mellitus, hepatitis, cancer, allergies etc.

All charts are graphically illustrated and expertly written, printed on high-quality photographic paper in 50 x 67 cm poster size. New! Select the chart version of your choice:

Reasonably priced: paper version (e.g. VR1113UU)
Practical: plastic rods for the paper version (VR999B)
High quality: laminated on both sides with glossy foil for heavy-duty use (e.g. VR1113L)